Agility for VMware Software Defined Data Centers

Point and Click Workload Optimization

The Silver Peak Agility integrates WAN optimization with VMware’s NSX network virtualization platform. The integration provides point-and-click traffic redirection and workload optimization, without the need for complex router configuration and networking expertise.


  • Enables rapid, on-demand deployment of network services in virtualized data centers
  • Redirects & optimizes traffic between VMs in virtualized data centers without router configurations or networking expertise required
  • Optimizes individual workloads with point and click simplicity


  • Lower telco and cloud costs. Avoid or delay costly WAN bandwidth upgrades by eliminating over 95% of WAN traffic. Lower cloud costs by over 50% by reducing data being transferred.
  • Maintain control of optimization services in managed network environments.
  • Move data quicker between data centers, branch offices, remote locations and the cloud.
  • Improve the performance of centrally hosted storage and applications.
  • Ensure the success of strategic IT projects that rely on the WAN, like data replication, data center consolidation, virtualization, cloud, and big data.