Dissolve Distance

Overcome Network Latency Due to Distance

Mitigate WAN latency with various advanced protocol acceleration techniques, which include

  • TCP Acceleration. Optimize TCP performance across the WAN with:
    • Window Scaling – We use the TCP Window Scale option to deliver window sizes as large as 1GB and overcome the throughput limitation imposed by the standard 64 KB TCP window size.
    • Selective Acknowledgement - This mechanism for handling multiple packet loss in a WAN environment gives a complete picture of which segments are queued at the receiver and which have not yet arrived, so senders only retransmit the missing data segments
    • Round-Trip Measurement - Our proprietary round trip measurement scheme enables more efficient RTT calculation for more accurate RTO (retransmission timeout) measurements, and improved throughput. 

    • HighSpeed TCP- This modification to TCP congestion control alters how the window is opened on each round trip and closed on congestion events as a function of the absolute size of the window for better performance in high-bandwidth, high-latency environments.
  • CIFS Acceleration. We optimize performance of the often slow performing Microsoft CIFS protocol using the following techniques:
    • CIFS Read-ahead - When a user is working with a file, Silver Peak appliances generate read ahead requests within the file in order to pipeline operations to the server, thus eliminating the round-trip delay associated with waiting for acknowledgement. This minimizes the latency associated with read operations.
    • CIFS Write-behind – Silver Peak devices pipeline write operations on behalf of a client, thus eliminating round-trip delays associated with waiting for acknowledgements. This minimizes the amount of round trips required to perform write operations, improving performance without risking data integrity.
    • CIFS Meta Data Optimizations – Standard Microsoft clients make many unnecessarily independent and duplicative requests for file and directory meta-data. Performance is enhanced by locally consolidating and responding to these requests.

More Responsive Applications

More Responsive Applications


  • Mitigate the chattiness of TCP using commonly accepted techniques.
  • CIFS acceleration. Overcome inherent latency with Microsoft file sharing
  • Maximum scalability.  Silver Peak performs Network Acceleration at very high data rates for even the largest of WAN links.
  • Maximum performance.  By addressing both loss and latency using our technology, you can maximize acceleration and your network performance.


  • Move data quicker over longer distances.
  • Collaborate in real-time across longer distances.