VX WAN Optimization Software

Leading Performance and Virtualization Flexibility

Silver Peak VX software combines the cost and flexibility benefits of virtualization with the performance gains delivered by Silver Peak's industry-leading WAN optimization technology. VX software instances support the full list of Silver Peak WAN optimization features for maximum functionality, including data reduction, path conditioning and traffic shaping. This enables customers to overcome bandwidth, distance and quality challenges when moving data over the WAN.

The WAN optimization software runs on all major hypervisors (VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, KVM) and can integrate quickly and easily into existing virtual infrastructures to maximum cost savings. Awarded a "Perfect 10" for value by InfoWorld, Silver Peak VX software can save customers up to 80% in WAN optimization costs by switching from competing hardware to Silver Peak software.

Silver Peak VX software can also be used to build out the Silver Peak Unity intelligent WAN fabric, which unifies the enterprise WAN with the Internet and public cloud. Unity gives IT the ability to monitor and control connectivity to the cloud while ensuring consistent performance for every enterprise and SaaS application.

WAN Capacity

  • Virtual
  • Physical
  • 4 Mbps
  • 10
  • 20
  • 50
  • 200
  • 622
  • 1 Gbps
  • 2.5 Gbps
  • 5 Gbps
  • NX-11k
  • 512,000 flows 512k flows (5 Gbps)
  • NX-10k
  • 512,000 flows 512k flows (2.5 Gbps)


Featured Use Cases

Silver Peak is ideal for cloud providers and cloud subscribers, alike.

Fast, Reliable and Increasingly Efficient

Making the Most of VM Mobility and Virtual Desktops.


  • Provides entire set of WAN optimization features.
  • Deployable any time from virtual marketplace
  • Runs on all major hypervisors.
  • Set it and forget it. Works on all applications without special configuration or software.
  • Cost effective. Leverage the cost savings associated with virtualization.
  • Future proofed. Optimize any application, regardless of version or transport protocol.
  • Industry leading scalability. Twenty times the capacity of competing virtual WAN optimization solutions.


  • Lower telco costs. Avoid or delay costly WAN bandwidth upgrades by eliminating over 95% of WAN traffic.
  • SaaS Optimization. Use VX software to build a Silver Peak Unity fabric and optimize every SaaS application.
  • Move data quicker between data centers, branch offices, remote locations and the cloud.
  • Improve the performance of centrally hosted storage and applications.
  • Ensure the success of strategic IT projects that rely on the WAN, like data replication, data center consolidation, virtualization, cloud, and big data.


  • For individual VX product specifications, including hardware requirements, download the VX family datasheet