• 2019 Top SD-WAN Trends

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    2018 brought major developments to the SD-WAN market — so what can we expect to see in the New Year? Silver Peak Founder and CEO David Hughes delivers his annual predictions for the future of wide area networking in this informative eBook.

    2019 Top SD-WAN Trends

    Download the eBook and prepare for SD-WAN in 2019. Find out about:

    • Continuing vendor consolidation in the SD-WAN market

    • How basic SD-WAN offerings falling short of expectations

    • Evolving security requirements and a move to the cloud

    • Automation across multi-cloud environments

    • The emergence of 5G

    ... and many other thought-provoking predictions covering topics from WAN segmentation and an enterprise shift toward a business-first networking model, all intended to prepare you for success in 2019 and beyond.

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