Dell EqualLogic Auto-Replication

Meet RPO with Silver Peak and Dell EqualLogic

With Dell™ EqualLogic™ PS Series and Silver Peak  replication acceleration software, you can protect more data across longer distances and replicate over low cost shared WAN infrastructures, like MPLS, cloud, or Internet VPNs.

Dell EqualLogic® is a high performance, fault tolerant iSCSI SAN array that includes replication software. Dell EqualLogic Auto-Replication replicates data from primary sites to disaster recovery sites. Placing disaster recovery sites geographically distant from primary sites is a best practice when planning for disaster recovery. However, greater distance between sites means higher latency over WANs, reducing replication throughput. Out-of-order and lost packets further contribute to replication problems. Silver Peak Replication Acceleration software helps Dell EqualLogic Auto-Replication overcome these challenges, boosting replication performance and minimizing the risk of data loss. 

The result: customers can replicate from five to twenty times faster over existing infrastructure – meeting Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and providing headroom for future growth.

Velocity for Dell Equallogic

Dell and Silver Peak

Dell and Silver Peak performance testing

In joint testing conducted by Dell and Silver Peak, Dell Equallogic auto-replication was tested with and without Silver Peak optimization. Silver Peak was able to repair lost and out of order packets on a 45 Mbps WAN, eliminate the impact of latency found in long distance connections, and reduce the amount of bandwidth needed to send data over the WAN. When Silver Peak replication acceleration software is combined Dell Equallogic Auto-Replication, data can be replicated across longer distances, in a shorter time, and using less bandwidth. The combined solution helps save money by optimizing the use of WAN bandwidth and can improve recovery point objectives (RPOs).

For details, read the Dell Technical Report: Silver Peak WAN Optimization and Dell EqualLogic PS Series

Featured Use Cases

Protect 20x More Data over Your Existing Network.


  • Solves network bandwidth, distance and quality challenges to ensure maximum replication throughput.
  • Proven integration. Customer and lab tested for seamless interoperability.
  • Industry leading scalability. Easily replicate several TB per hour.
  • Deployed in minutes. No networking expertise required with storage redirection deployment.


  • Meet Recovery Point Objectives (RPO). Replicate more data in less time to remote offsite locations.
  • Replicate over longer distances. Eliminate distance limitations between source/target devices.
  • Improve business continuity. Maintain redundant data centers for hot failover.
  • Lower disaster recovery costs. Eliminate costly dedicated networks for replication; avoid bandwidth upgrades.

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  • In today’s enterprise, users are increasingly distributed while data is increasingly centralized. This places an increased burden on the underlying network infrastructure as a key enabler for various strategic corporate initiatives, such as server/storage consolidation, remote backup/replication, and unified communications. Dell has partnered with Silver Peak to address this challenge. Silver Peak’s Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) can help cost effectively increase network capacity, optimize network quality, and help ensure maximum performance over distance - all while helping to reduce ongoing IT operating costs. The combined Dell / Silver Peak solution delivers LAN-like network performance to distributed employees, making it a strategic enabler for enterprises of all sizes. 
  • Dell™ EqualLogic™ PS Series virtualized iSCSI Storage Area Networks (SANs) leverage numerous benefits inherent in the standard iSCSI protocol, including its high ease-of-use, low networking infrastructure costs and low total cost of ownership (TCO). When layered on top of TCP/IP, iSCSI storage can use IP-based Wide Area Networks (WANs) as the foundation for consolidating backup processes and enabling disaster recovery. The PS Series Auto-Replication feature — standard with all PS Series arrays, no additional activation fees or licenses — can leverage enterprise WANs to cost-effectively replicate data between geographically distributed sites.
  • This document describes the configuration of Silver Peak physical and virtual appliances for Dell EqualLogic isolated iSCSI SAN and 3-2-1 deployments. For this deployment the iSCSI SANs at the primary and secondary sites are isolated from the LAN and WAN router, Figure 1. Because the iSCSI SAN is in an isolated subnet, EqualLogic Auto-Replication cannot be used unless changes are made to the network by connecting the iSCSI SAN to the LAN or adding an additional connection from the WAN router to the iSCSI SAN. In order to simplify replication deployments with an isolated iSCSI SAN, Silver Peak physical or virtual appliances are used to optimize and route replication traffic across the WAN. 
  • Dell EqualLogic PS Series arrays optimize resources by automating performance and network load balancing. Additionally, PS Series arrays offer all-inclusive array management software, host software, and free firmware updates
  • Hitting the speed of light might be impossible, but don’t tell that to The Community Bank in Massachusetts. The local lending institution improved its EqualLogic replication times by 2,400 percent, dropping from a week-and-a-half to a matter of hours, all without purchasing additional bandwidth. 
  • ZLTO is an association that handles national relations for over 18,000 farmers across the Netherlands. The association has two Dell EqualLogic storage clusters that are used as data stores for the company’s VMware environment. ZLTO runs all local servers and applications from these clusters, with each location serving as a fail-over for the other in the case of an unexpected outage.
  • Storage people are from Mars and network people are from Venus. Despite the interdependencies of the two functions, each group often has its own language, vendors, and metrics which can make it difficult to communicate between the two “silos”. 
  • Silver Peak has a variety of architectural advantages that maximize replication performance across the WAN while minimizing ongoing disaster recovery costs.
  • Mature companies need mature data recovery solutions. Just ask Aramex, a leading global logistics and transportation company. As the company approached its $1 billion annual revenue mark, updating the company’s 24 hour- Recovery Point Objective (RPO) became imperative for chief technology officer Samer Awajan. In addition to increased internal expectations for tighter disaster recovery procedures, shorter data center failover times would appeal to prospective customers demanding higher levels of business continuity