Hitachi TrueCopy Extended Distance

Maximize Remote Replication and Easily Meet your RPOs over any Distance

Hitachi TrueCopy Extended Distance is an asynchronous replication solution that can deployed with Hitachi Data Systems storage arrays. While TrueCopy Extended Distance offers robust replication, it is still is subject to limitations created by network quality (packets lost or delivered out of order) and longer latencies across geographically distant sites. Problems on the wide area network (WAN) can cause poor replication performance and missed recovery point objectives (RPOs), exposing the business to additional risk in the event of a disaster.

Replication performance can be severely limited by the wide area network (WAN). When the WAN has limited bandwidth, packet loss, out-of-order packets, or high latency, replication can fail or exceed desired timelines.   

How Silver Peak Helps

Silver Peak software improves backups across unreliable networks and geographic distance by: 

  • Minimizing packet retransmissions caused by unreliable networks
  • Repairing out-of-order and lost packets in real-time
  • Managing congestion and Quality of Service across shared networks
  • Overcoming transport latency

Silver Peak Replication Acceleration software fixes the problems that exist on the WAN, enabling more data to be backed up, in less time, and over longer distances. Silver Peak software solves WAN problems by repairing dropped and out-of-order packets, overcoming the effects of latency, and providing real-time deduplication and compression of all data sent across the WAN. Silver Peak also provides an IPsec AES-256 site-to-site VPN that secures backup traffic without impacting performance.

Once deployed, Silver Peak software is easy to monitor and manage.  Reports are in storage-friendly terms showing the data throughput across the WAN in bytes. Storage traffic is segmented by application, such as replication and or backup. Reporting includes minute, hour, and daily intervals, and includes a 10 day chart to reflect performance data before and after any changes made during the weekend.

When the problems on the WAN have been repaired, it is easy to meet, maintain, and even reduce TrueCopy RPOs.


  • Protect more data by increasing replication performance
  • Increase the geographic distance between the data center and the branch office.
  • Reduce replication time while using less bandwidth.
  • Reduce WAN costs by making more efficient use of lower cost networks. Silver Peak software correct the network quality problems common to these networks in real time, increasing overall throughput. Hitachi TrueCopy replicates more traffic in the same or less bandwidth, allowing IT to delay planned WAN upgrades.
  • Improve the performance of all branch applications sharing the WAN.
  • Advanced QoS and traffic management features prevent applications from interfering with HUR and vice versa.
  • Secure data in transit with IPsec AES-256 site-to-site VPN.


  • Silver Peak VRX Replication Acceleration software makes replication acceleration easy and affordable.