Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP/HTTPS)

Accelerate Web Applications with Silver Peak

Put  sluggish enterprise Web applications on the fast track with Silver Peak.   Application front-ends respond quicker and files transfer faster all while consuming less bandwidth. Silver Peak accelerates the Hypertext Transfer Protocol (HTTP) and eliminates excess bandwidth from the wide area network (WAN). With Silver Peak, HTTP/HTTPS applications perform as well between offices as they do within the office.

Enterprise web applications may perform well within a controlled netowrk, but  become sluggish and unresponsive over distance. Part of this has to do with the combination of rich web design and large data types used by HTTP applications. The effects of  latency and network congestion also become more acute when HTML pages generate  numerous client-server exchanges. Adding  band­width does not address the limitations imposed by the effects of latency and network congestion. Many approaches to application acceleration are also limitied, lacking the scalability to accomodate the  increased number of concurrent connections allowed by today's Web browsers.

Silver Peak software enables HTTP/HTTPS to perform across the WAN as well as it does on the LAN with the scale to accommodate even the largest data centers. More than 10x of HTTP/HTTPS data is elminated from the WAN . More specfically, Silver Peak software addresses the following core problems limiting HTTP performance: 

  • Bandwidth – Silver Peak byte-level deduplication removes redundant HTTP/HTTPS data from the WAN. Data is fingerprinted and compressed the first time Silver Peak sends it across the WAN. Subsequent requests are fulfilled from the local Silver Peak instance.
  • Latency – Silver Peak mitigates latency enabling HTTP/HTTPS to operate more efficiently over distance. TCP Acceleration includes windows scaling, selective acknowledgements, and HighSpeed TCP. Latency is also reduced through packet coalescing, which re-packages multiple smaller packets into a single larger one, and Dynamic Path Control, which selects the fastest path to a remote location.
  • Congestion – Silver Peak eliminates the effects of congestion making HTTP/HTTPS performance more predictable, recovering lost packets and resequencing out-of-order packets in real-time, avoiding retransmission delays. Dynamic Path Control identifies the optimum path to a remote location while traffic shaping and QoS technology ensures applications like CIFS/SMB receive the necessary bandwidth.

Silver Peak protects data end-to-end with SSL/TLS and site-to-site with Accelerated IPSec. All data, whether at rest within the Silver Peak instance or in-flight between locations, is encrypted with AES, the enterprise standard for data encryption. End-to-end encryption is provided by SSL/TLS.

Silver Peak offers the most scalable and cost-effective data acceleration software for connecting data centers, remote offices and the cloud. You can download and deploy it  as a free, self-service trial in just 20 minutes or  contact usto see how Silver Peak can help your organization.

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  • Minimize bandwidth charges by eliminating redundant data from the WAN.
  • Improve collaboration collaboration by allowing distributed teams to share files faster. 
  • Reduce the security risks of Web server consolidation by encrypting data in transit and at rest.
  • Lowercosts and hire the best talent regardless of location by enabling access to enterprise Web applications from anywhere in the world.