Accelerate IBM XIV Storage Replication over Distance

IBM XIV is a high-end disk storage system that enables enterprises to meet the challenge created by data growth. IBM XIV delivers hotspot-free high performance and empowers storage administrators with ease of use. For cloud and large environments, IBM XIV offers IBM Hyper-Scale management scalability, high service levels for dynamic, mixed workloads, and tight hypervisor and OpenStack integration.

Silver Peak Performance Results

IBM testing of XIV storage replication with Silver Peak optimization showed that by adding Silver Peak, XIV can replicate across networks higher than 300 ms. See Figure 1.

Figure 1. Silver Peak improves XIV replication in high latency networks.

A semiconductor manufacturer using IBM XIV storage replication eliminated 95% of redundant XIV replication traffic sent across the WAN using Silver Peak’s data deduplication and compression technology. 

How Silver Peak Helps

Silver Peak Replication Acceleration software fixes the problems that exist on the WAN, enabling more data to be replicated, in less time, and over longer distances. Silver Peak software solves WAN problems by repairing dropped and out-of-order packets, overcoming the effects of latency, and providing real-time deduplication and compression of all data sent across the WAN. Silver Peak also provides an IPSec VPN that secures replication traffic without impacting performance. When the problems on the WAN have been repaired, it is easy to meet, maintain, and even reduce RPOs.

Silver Peak’s storage-specific reporting enables any storage professional to easily manage the Silver Peak implementation and get useful information. Reports are in storage-friendly terms showing the data replicated (in bytes) and replication performance. Storage traffic is segmented by type, such as replication and / or backup traffic, and application, like IBM XIV. Metrics are reported per minute, per hour, and per day and include a 10 day graph to show changes made over a weekend.
With IBM XIV and Silver Peak Replication Acceleration software, you can protect all of your business-critical data and replicate consistently, regardless of network problems or distance.  


  • Avoid or delay WAN bandwidth upgrades by reducing the amount XIV data transferred across the WAN by 95%.
  • Protect more data by improving XIV remote asynchronous replication performance by up to 140X
  • Increase the geographic distance between disaster recovery facilities by improving XIV performance in higher latency environments.
  • Reduce costs with one WAN for XIV and other applications; Silver Peak’s advanced QoS and traffic shaping techniques protects application performance.
  • Replicate across low-cost Internet VPNs and MPLS networks. Silver Peak corrects the higher rates of loss and out-of-order packets, which normally undermine performance on these networks.
  • Secure data in transit with IPsec AES-256 site-to-site VPN.


  • Silver Peak VRX Replication Acceleration software makes replication acceleration easy and affordable.