Microsoft Office 365

Deliver Faster, More Consistent Office 365 Access for Users Everywhere

Ensure Microsoft Office 365 performs more consistently for users anywhere in the world. Silver Peak overcomes Internet "weather" conditions that may disrupt Office 365 performance. With Silver Peak, users can collaborate faster and more consistently from any location.

Microsoft Office 365 is a very powerful and popular business tool, replacing the legacy desktop applications that were used by many. While Office 365 may perform well for users in one location at one particular time, the dynamic nature of the Internet can make Office 365 performance inconsistent at other times. This can lead to users submitting help desk tickets complaining about long file uploads and downloads, slow screen refreshes and choppy communications.

Microsoft Office 365 stores customer data in a data center closest to where the IT team registered for the service. While this provides proximity for local users, other challenges may persist.

  • Latencies on the Internet, even those within region, can vary day-to-day and location-to-location making Office 365 performance difficult to predict. 
  • Out-of-region users will have their data stored in the Microsoft data center closest to where the IT team registered for the service, not the user's location. 
  • Roaming users still need to access their data in the data center in their native regions.

In all of these cases, the user's experience of Office 365 is highly susceptible to the changing Internet weather patterns. Latency and packet loss may be nominal some days but not others, making Office 365 performance erratic. Silver Peak Unity allows IT to deliver consistent, responsive Office 365 access for users anywhere.

Unity is the intelligent wide area network (WAN) fabric from Silver Peak that enables IT to control SaaS connectivity across the enterprise and accelerate SaaS applications over any network. Unity finds the best route to applications in the cloud, as well as on private networks. It does this using sophisticated cloud intelligence and WAN routing technology, which correlates information about SaaS applications and Internet weather, then sends traffic to the cloud over the shortest or least-congested path. More specifically, Unity applies the following techniques to improve Office 365 performance:

Advanced WAN Routing: Advanced Exterior Routing identifies the closest egress to cloud data centers and directs traffic to a cloud service over an optimal path, while Advanced Interior Routing dynamically selects the fastest, least-congested, or most available path for traffic by monitoring packet loss, latency, and bandwidth in real-time.

Cloud Intelligence: This new subscription service delivers information about cloud services to Silver Peak software instances.

Data Reduction: WAN compression and deduplication inspects all traffic in real-time, eliminating repetitive transmission of duplicate data.

Path ConditioningAdaptive Forward Error Correction reconstitutes dropped packets in real-time while Packet Order Correction re-sequences packets that may traverse multiple paths across the network.

Traffic Shaping: Applications are classified to prioritize critical traffic classes while constraining recreational or personal-use traffic classes.

Global VisibilityWeb-based GMS provides centralized orchestration of WAN deployments, advanced application classification, and detailed performance metrics.

Silver Peak protects Office 365 data in-flight between locations with Accelerated Encryption - a high performance, virtual private network (VPN) between locations that securing all data with AES-256 without degrading optimization performance or scalability. 

Silver Peak offers the most scalable and cost-effective data acceleration software for connecting data centers, remote offices and the cloud. You can download and deploy it as a free, self-service trial in just 20 minutes or contact us to see how Silver Peak can help your organization.

Featured Products

  • Unity Architecture: Building an SD-WAN Fabric

    Silver Peak Unity is the premier solution for broadband and hybrid WANs.

  • VX WAN Optimization Software

    VX Virtual WAN Optimization Software

    Silver Peak VX WAN optimization software supports the full list of Silver Peak WAN optimization features. Use Silver Peak VX software to build a Silver Peak Unity WAN fabric for integrating your enterprise WAN, the Internet and the cloud, and to optimize every SaaS application.


  • Shorten downloads and improve the quality of experience for Office 365.  
  • Optimize Office 365 and every other SaaS application. Silver Peak supports 20 SaaS applicaitons with more added daily.  
  • Affordable for every enterprise, regardless of the number of users or SaaS applications. One low price provides optimization for all SaaS applications and users.  
  • Easy to acquire, easier to deploy by downloading a Silver Peak instance running VXOA 7.1 or later in minutes from the Silver Peak virtual marketplace. Enabling Office 365 optimization takes seconds. 
  • Keep Office 365 data under your complete control, never risk data theft or disclosure from storing sensitive data in a third-party infrastructure.  


  • This white paper examines the requirements for optimizing SaaS and how Silver Peak's Unity WAN fabric gives IT the visibility and control that has been missing while giving users the performance they need.
  • Silver Peak CEO David Hughes joins Storage Switzerland's George Crump to whiteboard Unity, a software defined WAN fabric for unifying the cloud, Internet and enterprise WAN.
  • Infographic depicts the Silver Peak Unity WAN fabric, which unifies the enterprise WAN, the Internet, and the Cloud.