Vision Double-Take Availability

Protect your Data While Keeping Costs Down

Protecting your data while keeping costs down is the goal of IT organizations of any size. Real-time replication allows the administrator to maintain an updated copy of critical data on another server across a SAN or WAN. Failover allows the administrator to cause a stand-by server to take over the identity and role of a failed server so that operations can continue shortly after the failure of a critical server. Over half of Fortune 500 companies use Double-Take for data protection and application availability. 

Vision Solutions’ Double-Take Availability is an affordable data protection solution that ensures minimal data loss and enables immediate recovery from any system outage. Double-Take Availability continuously captures changes as they happen and replicates those changes to one or more servers at any location, locally or globally over IP networks. It compresses data before sending over the WAN and protects data on both physical and virtual servers. Double-Take offers solutions for Windows®, Linux®, AIX® and IBM® i, and works with major virtualization hypervisors.

However, replication performance can be severely limited by the wide area network (WAN). When replicating to geographically distant sites across unreliable WAN links, replication jobs can fail or exceed desired timelines. Issues such as limited bandwidth, shared WAN links, packet loss, out-of-order packets and high round trip time (RTT) latency can all impact recovery time objectives (RTO) and backup windows.

How Silver Peak Helps

Silver Peak replication acceleration software is made for storage replication. Deploying Silver Peak takes less than 20 minutes, and requires no networking expertise or assistance. By combining Silver Peak replication acceleration software with Double-Take, you can:

  • Protect more data within your RPO/RTO. Silver Peak delivers 20x aggregate performance allowing more data to be replicated within a company’s RPO.
  • Increase the geographic distance between source/target devices. Using Silver Peak, Double-Take can sustain high throughput across long distance WAN connections, with hundreds of milliseconds of latency
  • Reduce costs by enabling replication across any type of WAN, even cost-effective, but lossy, MPLS networks or Internet VPNs. Silver Peak corrects the higher rates of loss and out-of-order packets, which normally undermine performance on these networks.
  • Protect application performance on shared WANs. Silver Peak’s advanced QoS and traffic shaping techniques protect application performance.
  • Secure data in transit with an IPSec AES-256 site-to-site VPN.

Silver Peak Customer success

A large engineering firm experiencing heavy Double-Take replication traffic from a branch office wanted to reduce its replication volume by 50 percent.  After installing Silver Peak, the customer achieved:

  • 67% reduction in Double-Take replication traffic
  • 83% reduction in CIFS/SMB traffic
  • 70X increase in effective throughput: from 4 Mbps before, to 281 Mbps after Silver Peak was installed.

Silver Peak Replication Acceleration Software

Silver Peak Replication Acceleration software fixes the problems that exist on the WAN, enabling more data to be replicated, in less time, and over longer distances. Silver Peak software solves WAN problems by repairing dropped and out-of-order packets, overcoming the effects of latency, and providing real-time deduplication and compression of all data sent across the WAN. Silver Peak also provides an IPSec VPN that secures replication traffic without impacting performance. 

Once deployed, Silver Peak software enables any storage administrator to manage the Silver Peak implementation.  Reports are in storage-friendly terms showing the data sent across the WAN in bytes, and replication throughput. Storage traffic is segmented by application, such as replication and or backup. Reporting includes minute, hour, and daily intervals, and includes a 10-day chart to reflect performance data before and after any changes made during the weekend.

With Double-Take and Silver Peak Replication Acceleration software, you can protect all of your business-critical data and replicate or copy consistently, regardless of network problems or distance.  


  • Meet Recovery Point Objectives (RPO). Replicate more data in less time to remote locations.
  • Replicate over longer distances. Eliminate distance limitations between source/target devices.
  • Improve business continuity. Maintain redundant data centers for disaster recovery.
  • Lower disaster recovery costs. Eliminate costly dedicated networks for replication; avoid bandwidth upgrades.
  • Improve performance over shared WANs. Automatically correct packet delivery problems and prioritize traffic over shared WANs to guarantee network resources
  • Secure your data in transit with an IPsec AES-256 site-to-site VPN.


  • Silver Peak VRX Replication Acceleration software makes replication acceleration easy and affordable.
  • Double-Take® Software offers the world’s most relied upon solutions for recoverability, including continuous data replication, application availability and system state protection.