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  • Hear from company executives to learn how Silver Peak can help you realize the full transformational promise of the cloud with a business-driven wide area network.

Gain a Multiplier Effect on Cloud Investments with a Business-driven SD-WAN

  • Silver Peak enables businesses of all sizes to realize a multiplier effect from ongoing cloud investments by delivering on a no-compromise WAN transformation strategy.

    Powered by the Silver Peak self-driving wide area network™ (SD-WAN) platform, companies are able, for the first time, to achieve dedicated-like performance while running all cloud applications and services via broadband, even consumer broadband, with the highest levels of performance and security to deliver the highest quality of experience for application users and IT organizations.

The Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN Edge Platform Delivers No-Compromise WAN Transformation

Six foundational requirements to maximize the multiplier effect

A Modern Self-Driving Wide Area Network Platform

The Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect™ SD-WAN edge platform can be deployed in remote and branch offices, regional hubs, data centers and in the cloud.


    The EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform accelerates cloud and digital transformation initiatives, enabling enterprises to build a modern business-driven WAN that delivers ‘dedicated-like’ performance, QoEX and security across all cloud applications over broadband.

    EdgeConnect physical, virtual or cloud appliances support industry standard hypervisors and are purchased via subscription-based licensing. The platform is centrally managed with Unity Orchestrator™.


    The EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform provides a path to rapidly expand and scale managed service offerings, enabling enterprises to quickly deploy turn-key managed SD-WAN services.

    Service Providers centrally manage all customer deployments with multitenant Unity OrchestratorSP.

    SD-WAN Unity EdgeConnect Hardware

    Optional Unity Boost™ WAN Optimization software, available on demand, mitigates latency and ensures high application performance over distance.

  • Our company’s continuous innovation and diligent execution have produced the industry’s only business-driven SD-WAN edge platform, made Silver Peak the global SD-WAN leader, and attracted thousands of new customers.

    Silver Peak is at the forefront of powering a self-driving wide area network, building ever more value for our customers.

For 15 Years, Silver Peak has been the Agent of Change for Building a Better WAN

With more than 2,000 enterprise production deployments around the world, EdgeConnect drives unprecedented levels of business success, uniquely fueled by four key differentiators.


    • > Top-down approach: performance, security and routing dictated by top-down business policy, not bottoms-up network constraints

    • > Application-specific routing: network resources are priority-driven to match the business criticality of every application

    • > Centralized orchestration: of all business intent overlays



    • > Highest quality of experience for users: always consistent, always reliable application performance as well as the highest quality of voice and video, even over broadband

    • > Highest quality of experience for IT: high availability and resiliency means IT can keep users productive and happy



    • > Beyond automation and templates: power a self-driving wide area network that gets smarter every day

    • > Adaptive internet breakout: automates updates for millions of cloud applications — ensuring users can always connect to any application without IT intervention

    • > Centralized orchestration: enables self-learning to maintain continuous control and alignment with business intent



    • > Centralized orchestration: complete observability of your entire wide area network through a single pane of glass

    • > Rapid deployment: zero touch provisioning with full orchestration and lifecycle automation, end-to-end segmentation and broadband QoS

    • > Multiply ecosystem investments: leading technology, security, cloud and service provider partnerships extend the value of the WAN

  • A Rapidly Expanding Customer Base

    A Rapidly Expanding Customer Base

    Silver Peak has more than 2,000 production SD-WAN deployments across more than 100 countries. They extend across a broad range of industries, ranging from the largest enterprises to mid-market enterprises and cloud service providers.

    All our customers receive 24/7/365 follow-the-sun global support and logistics that are in-sourced—a rare benefit.

  • Customer-focused Partnerships

    Customer-focused Partnerships

    The CRN award-winning Silver Peak Partner Edge channel program ensures that our customers are served well by our channel partners around the world. Silver Peak has value-added resellers and service-provider partners across more than 80 countries.

    With the broadest strategic technology alliance ecosystem in the industry, including leading networking, security and cloud companies, we partner to develop and deliver solutions that extend the value of the WAN for our shared customers.