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    As the adoption of mission critical, high performance SaaS subscription services like Microsoft Office 365 continues to increase and users become more distributed, the traditional method of backhauling cloud-destined traffic to corporate data centers for network egress/breakout introduces latency and congests WAN links, leading to a poor user experience.

    In order to minimize latency caused by backhauling traffic through the data center, organizations can enable local breakout for applications such as Office 365, connecting users directly and securely from branch office locations. In addition to reducing latency, local breakout also frees up WAN link bandwidth for other traffic and can alleviate cost and complexity. Microsoft’s Office 365 architecture brings their software services as close to their customers as possible by directing connections to the nearest Office 365 front door.

    The Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect™ SD-WAN edge platform delivers the best performance for SaaS and cloud apps, including Office 365. By integrating with Office 365, the EdgeConnect platform dynamically steers traffic to the nearest Office 365 point of entry to deliver a secure and high-quality user experience. With the EdgeConnect platform, organizations can:

    • Leverage an independently-tested and proven technology to optimize trusted Office 365 traffic in accordance with the Microsoft Office 365 Connectivity Principles.

    • Create automated connections to Office 365 with one-click provisioning and achieve operational efficiency and increased performance

    • Build secure, reliable network connections and prioritize latency-sensitive traffic directly from their branch locations

    Learn more about how the Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN edge platform can deliver the highest quality of experience for Office 365 users across your organization.

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