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    Silver Peak is a member of the AWS Partner Network, and has certified EdgeConnect for deployment in AWS using a "bring your own license" model. More information about installing and operating EdgeConnect in AWS, including access to the latest AMI, can be found at the EdgeConnect Marketplace entry here.

    Silver Peak customers who have an IaaS presence in AWS can deploy EdgeConnect within their Virtual Private Cloud (VPC) and extend the reach of their SD-WAN into the Amazon cloud. In this model, the customer VPC appears as just one more office location on the SD-WAN, and the infrastructure and services deployed within the customer's VPC become accessible over the EdgeConnect SD-WAN as if they were hosted in a corporate datacenter. Customers who augment standard Internet access to the VPC with AWS Direct Connect will benefit from Dynamic Path Control (DPC), a key feature of EdgeConnect that enables simultaneous use of multiple underlay transports (e.g. both Direct Connect and Internet), enabling maximum availability, throughput or efficiency, according to the requirements of the application. EdgeConnect instances hosted in AWS appear in Unity Orchestrator just like an on-prem appliance, following the same workflows for configuration and management. Boost licenses can be attached to EdgeConnect instances in AWS to provide up to 1 Gbps of WAN optimization for traffic traversing to and from a VPC. EdgeConnect VMs without Boost licenses can support up to 5 Gbps of bi-directional SD-WAN bandwidth. For high-availability, a pair of EdgeConnect instances can be deployed in an AWS VPC using Silver Peak's Cloud HA architecture. EdgeConnect is available in all Amazon regions.

    EdgeConnect for Amazon Web Services (AWS)