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    Silver Peak is a Google Cloud partner and has certified Unity EdgeConnect for deployment on Google Cloud Platform. EdgeConnect is available for download from the Google Cloud Platform Marketplace using a “bring your own license” (BYOL) model. Please see the link for the EdgeConnect listing in the GCP Marketplace.

    Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN is an ideal wide area network solution for GCP customers who need to interconnect resources located on-prem or in other public clouds, with their workloads in GCP. EdgeConnect virtual instances can be installed directly from the GCP Marketplace into a Google Compute Engine alongside production GCP workloads. This brings all the advantages of EdgeConnect SD-WAN – including Boost WAN Optimization - into the Google Cloud Platform environment. Customers who have multiple Internet services at the branch will benefit from Dynamic Path Control (DPC), a key feature of EdgeConnect that makes simultaneous use of multiple underlay transports (e.g. active-active), ensuring maximum availability, throughput or bandwidth efficiency in accordance with the requirements of the application. Boost licenses can be attached to EdgeConnect instances in GCP, enabling up to 1 Gbps of WAN optimization for traffic traversing to and from GCP. EdgeConnect VMs without Boost licenses can support bi-directional SD-WAN connectivity at multi-gigabit speeds.

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