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    Silver Peak is an Oracle Gold Partner, and has certified Unity EdgeConnect with Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (dedicated bare-metal & Classic). EdgeConnect is available for download from the Oracle Marketplace using a "bring your own license" (BYOL) model. Please see the following link for the EdgeConnect listing in Oracle Marketplace.

    Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN is an ideal wide area network solution for Oracle customers who are migrating (or expanding) Oracle applications and workloads from an on-prem/corporate data center into the Oracle Cloud Infrastructure (OCI). As an OCI certified SD-WAN device, EdgeConnect virtual instances can be installed directly from the Oracle Cloud Marketplace into a Virtual Cloud Network (VCN) that hosts the customer workloads. This brings all the advantages of EdgeConnect SD-WAN - including Boost WAN Optimization - into the Oracle Cloud environment, and enables enterprise branch offices to use Internet or Oracle Fast Connect to securely access apps hosted in Oracle Cloud. Customers who augment standard Internet access to the VCN with Oracle Fast Connect will benefit from Dynamic Path Control (DPC), a key feature of EdgeConnect that enables simultaneous use of multiple underlay transports (e.g. both Fast Connect and Internet), enabling maximum availability, throughput or efficiency, according to the requirements of the application. Boost licenses can be attached to EdgeConnect instances in OCI, enabling up to 1 Gbps of WAN optimization for traffic traversing to and from a VCN. EdgeConnect VMs without Boost licenses can support up to 5 Gbps of bi-directional SD-WAN bandwidth.