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  • Infoblox

    DDI solutions to automate and secure network infrastructure

    Infoblox Inc. (Infoblox) is a network controller company. The Company provides network automation and domain name system (DNS) security though appliance-based solutions that enables and secures dynamic networks and data centres. Its solutions combine IP address management, automation of key network control, change and configuration management processes and DNS based infrastructure security in purpose-built physical and virtual appliances. It is based on its software that automates vital network functions, such as IP address management, device configuration, compliance, network discovery, policy implementation, security and monitoring. It offers four product families core network services, infrastructure security, cloud network automation and network change and configuration management.

    Joint Benefits

    Infoblox provides integrated and centrally-managed DNS, DHCP, and IP address management (DDI) to support evolving IT needs while providing high standards for service uptime, operational efficiencies, security, and IT ecosystem integration. While Silver Peak EdgeConnect appliances allow new sites to be connected in minutes, the Infoblox DDI solution helps to reduce the amount of time it takes to deploy network services to those remote sites. Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect DHCP and DNS forwarding supports centralized Infoblox deployments (in either a data center or regional hub) enabling centralized, scalable management of DDI services and is transparent to end-users and applications.

    “Silver Peak has made WAN connectivity in the branch simple, fast and lightweight, and our industry leading position in the network complements EdgeConnect deployments by helping to centralize and secure DDI functions that speed service delivery,” said Jonathan Gohstand, vice president of product management at Infoblox. “We look forward to providing our joint customers with this interoperability that will further minimize the amount of network infrastructure in the branch and help customers reduce their branch networking costs.”