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Your training could be FREE! (Click the down arrow to view the full description below)

Tell us a little bit about yourself and we will waive your training fee. That's right, you will pay nothing if you answer a few questions about yourself, your job role and industry experience.

Provide some basic industry information about yourself and we'll automatically enroll you in the SPX course (takes a few minutes to process after you complete the survey and you may need to log out and back in).

1. Click the ‘Access Training’ link to go to Silver Peak University, our Learning Management System, or go directly to


2. Click, Start Browsing under the Course Catalog


3. Add Get Silver Peak Expert (SPX) training for FREE to your shopping cart by clicking on the shopping cart icon.


4. Click on Proceed to Your Cart


5. Login with your existing account, or provide the requested information to create a new account for yourself, then click Proceed to Checkout


6. Click Complete Purchase


7. The system will send you emails confirming your enrollment  and providing login information, including your password for your new account. Save this for future reference.


8. Click Start Browsing to access the Get Silver Peak Expert (SPX) training for FREE course.


9. Click on Open, then Launch to start the survey. Answer the questions. After you complete the survey, you will automatically be enrolled in the SPX course at no charge. As mentioned above, it might take a while.


10. After you've exited the survey, log out, and WAIT A FEW MINUTES for the system to process your enrollment. You'll get an email from the system confirming your enrollment in the SPX course.


11. Log back in using the information in the email. Click on the List icon in the upper right corner and select Courses


12. Click on Instructor Led training to access a link to the SPX course. If Instructor led training doesn’t show up under My Courses, you haven’t waited long enough.


13. Click on View in the SPX course listing.


14. Choose a session to enroll in from the list. If you don’t choose a session, you are not enrolled in a class that you can attend! 
You can click the down arrow to the left of the date to see more information about the session.


15. You will see a message confirming your enrollment, and you are done!