Award-Winning Design Firm dwp Tackles Global Collaboration Challenges with Silver Peak

Silver Peak Software Reduces Overall IT Costs by 80 percent; Speeds CAD Transfers from Days to Hours

SANTA CLARA, Calif., September 18, 2012 —Design professionals and project managers at award-winning architecture and interior design firm dwp | design worldwide partnership collaborate and exchange large-size design blueprints and documents daily between offices in Asia Pacific and the Middle East. With key productivity applications such as file, email, web, AutoCAD and Revit becoming more bandwidth-, processing- and storage-intensive, dwp turns to Silver Peak Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) software to accelerate its file transfers and optimize its WAN performance, while reducing infrastructure costs by 80 percent.

“We were very impressed with Silver Peak VXOA during the evaluation as it was able to compress as many applications as we put through the pipe without any hiccups. Network optimization was remarkably robust and smooth,” said Niwat Lertnamvongwan, group IT director at dwp. “The software solution was also a major plus point as compared with other optimizers on the market, which tend to be hardware-based. As a result, deployment was simple, flexible and scalable across locations without any dependency on hardware requirements. This suits our virtualized environment perfectly.”

With 12 offices spanning across Asia Pacific and the Middle East, dwp employs over 450 design professionals collaborating across borders to deliver architecture, interior design, masterplanning and project coordination, as well as service concepts and solutions, to the highest international standards. Besides addressing its data explosion, there was an urgent need for dwp to lower its operating expenditure (OPEX), which soared dramatically due to an increase in bandwidth costs necessitated by poor network connectivity between its data center located in Bangkok and the various branch offices. In addition, link costs and latency were the highest between Bahrain and Bangkok.

dwp selected Silver Peak’s Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) software over a previously deployed Riverbed hardware-based implementation. The compression rate of the Riverbed deployment was found to be unsatisfactory at only 45 percent, and hardware maintenance posed a challenge as there was no Riverbed presence in Bahrain. Shipping of the hardware equipment from Bahrain to Bangkok for periodic maintenance or repair added unnecessary cost to the escalating OPEX.

The Silver Peak VXOA deployment has allowed dwp to focus on its core design business without interruptions. It now takes only a few minutes to transfer 1 GB of data across the distributed enterprise. Staff productivity has been greatly enhanced with the network performing faster, and becoming more agile and efficient in delivering consistent service levels.

“Our SharePoint portal now performs significantly faster than before which enables our employees to share ideas and resources on the fly. Previously the portal was sluggish due to the exchange of colossal data, and this really frustrated the users,” added Lertnamvongwan. “We have also experienced a sharp reduction in hardware, bandwidth and software licensing costs by as much as 80 percent with our network performing optimally to maximize the benefits of virtualization and cloud computing. At the end of the day, our biggest gain is peace of mind and knowing that we can rely on our optimized network to deliver our best for our customers.”

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