Fidelity Bank Gets a High Yield on Silver Peak Investment

NX Appliances Ensure Fast and Secure Data Replication and Disaster Recovery across WAN

Santa Clara , CA, January 30, 2007 –Silver Peak Systems Inc. ( ), a leading provider of scalable Wide Area Network (WAN) acceleration solutions, today announced that Fidelity Bank in Minnesota has selected Silver Peak NX appliances to perform secure real-time data replication across the company’s WAN.   By improving the efficiency of their data protection processes, Silver Peak enables Fidelity Bank to better protect client information and to ensure continuous business operations in the unlikely event of a disaster. 

Fidelity Bank routinely sends 40-45 GB of data per day between their main bank and a dedicated disaster recovery facility in Minneapolis. Due to limited WAN bandwidth, the Bank was unable to transfer all of its data during routine intervals. Rather than replicating entire server images across the WAN, the bank was forced to send only data to their DR facility.  This meant that if a disaster occurred, the Bank could not turn to a virtual machine for seamless operations.  Instead, they would be forced to rebuild the lost server from recovered data, which takes additional time and resources.

“Our disaster recovery model was not in line with our business continuity objectives,” said Rick Erickson, assistant network administrator at Fidelity Bank.  “Our increased vulnerability was the main driver for us to look at WAN optimization solutions.”

After exploring various solutions in the WAN acceleration space, Fidelity bank determined that Silver Peak’s NX appliances were a perfect fit for their data replication needs. 

“Of the WAN acceleration products we tested, Silver Peak was the only one to protect stored data using disk encryption,” said Erickson.  “This was an important requirement for us, because the bank’s security is constantly scrutinized by the FDIC, state, and private auditors.  Because we take the protection of client data very seriously, the last thing we wanted to do was sacrifice security to improve network performance.” 

In addition, Silver Peak delivered robust reporting capabilities that quickly and easily enabled Fidelity’s IT department to monitor and manage application performance across the WAN.  Using these tools, the bank consistently sees 94% data reduction across the WAN, with peaks reaching 97%.  1 GB transfers have been reduced from 70 minutes to 4 minutes, a 17x improvement that has dramatically improved the performance and reliability of the company’s disaster recovery operations.

About Fidelity Bank
Fidelity Bank (Fidelity) is an independent, privately owned business bank located in Minnesota.  The bank, found in 1970, has more than 900 customers in the Twin Cities area with over $350 million in assets.

About Silver Peak Systems, Inc .
Silver Peak facilitates the centralization of servers and storage by improving application performance across a Wide Area Network (WAN). With the company’s award winning NX family of WAN acceleration appliances, enterprises can improve disaster recovery in data centers and reduce “server sprawl” in branch and remote offices. Silver Peak delivers exceptional, transparent performance improvements for all enterprise applications, including data replication, backup, file transfers, email, web, and real-time applications such as Citrix and VoIP. For more information, visit

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