InfoWorld Awards Silver Peak ‘Editor’s Choice’ for Virtual WAN Optimization

Extensive Testing Confirms that Silver Peak Software Optimizes WAN Traffic as well or better than Comparable Riverbed Physical Gear; Scores Perfect 10 for Value

SANTA CLARA, Calif., October 18, 2012 Silver Peak Systems , the leader in accelerating data over distance, today announced it has been awarded “ Editor’s Choice ” for its software-based wide area network (WAN) optimization and virtual marketplace. The detailed product review, conducted by InfoWorld Test Center editor Keith Schultz, cites Silver Peak is a “company that has overcome the fit and performance issues” of virtualization by packing “superior WAN optimization into a virtual machine.”

InfoWorld’s testing simulated a typical customer experience, with Silver Peak’s VX virtual WAN optimization product evaluated on performance, protocol support, reporting, setup, and value. It received high marks in each category and a perfect “10” for value. Test results for Silver Peak’s virtual product were then compared to identical tests previously run on Riverbed’s comparable physical product.

According to Schultz, “Regardless of the link speed and latency, the [Silver Peak] VX optimized WAN traffic as well as or better than a comparable physical chassis (the Riverbed Steelhead 2050) in all but one scenario. I found the VX to provide a substantial improvement in overall WAN usage and reduction in time, even besting a physical chassis in some tests.”

In terms of protocol support , Schultz adds, “The ability to optimize both TCP and UDP traffic really broadens the VX's appeal and allows it to fit into more WAN optimization use cases.”

In terms of setup , Schultz adds, “Installation was very straightforward. After going through the simple registration process at Silver Peak's Virtual Marketplace , I downloaded the virtual machine and imported the OVF (Open Virtualization Format) file into my ESX 4.1 host.”

In terms of value , Schultz concludes, “Silver Peak's VX virtual appliance is a great overall performer and flexible enough to be deployed on a wide variety of virtualization platforms. If you are considering deploying a WAN optimization and acceleration solution and have already committed to a virtual environment, you owe it to yourself to give a Silver Peak VX a test run. You won't be disappointed.”

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Silver Peak software accelerates data between data centers, branch offices and the cloud.  The company’s software-defined acceleration solves network quality, capacity and distance challenges to provide fast and reliable access to data anywhere in the world.  Leveraging its leadership in data center class wide area network (WAN) optimization, Silver Peak is a key enabler for strategic IT projects like virtualization, big data and disaster recovery.  Download Silver Peak software today at .