J-W Operating Company Energizes Their WAN’s Performance with Silver Peak

NX Appliances Increase Data Throughput for Faster Remote Backups and Real-time SQL Queries

Santa Clara, Calif., May 12, 2008 Silver Peak Systems , a leading provider of scalable Wide Area Network (WAN) acceleration solutions, today announced that J-W Operating Company, a leading energy services and development company, has selected Silver Peak NX appliances as a key enabler for the company's application delivery and business continuity plans.  With Silver Peak, J-W Operating Company improved data protection through faster remote office backups, and increased employee productivity through faster and more reliable access to centralized document management servers.

"We identified dozens of applications critical to our business operations and disaster recovery functions," said Joel Wolfe, director of IT at J-W Operating Company.  "Only Silver Peak optimized them all, including time-sensitive SQL queries running over Citrix and nightly remote backups.  This is the kind of scalability we need as we look to deploy WAN optimization across dozens of remote locations and in several data centers, each with unique application requirements."

The Silver Peak solution is optimized to support large networks, delivering the best performance on high capacity WAN links and across many distributed enterprise locations.  Silver Peak offers the industry's premier solution for disk-based WAN deduplication - Network Memory™ - which reduces over 95 percent of WAN traffic and ensures LAN-like application performance across the WAN by eliminating the transfer of duplicate data.  Network Memory works on all enterprise applications, regardless of transport protocol (TCP, UDP or proprietary) or latency requirements.  As a result, Silver Peak is commonly used to accelerate a variety of business-critical applications, including real-time data replication, remote backup, Citrix, SQL, file, email, web, Voice over IP (VoIP) and streaming video.

"Silver Peak's network-based approach to WAN optimization provides tangible benefits to enterprises," said Tim Neary, president of Strategic Storage Solutions, Silver Peak's reseller partner working at J-W Operating Company. "Not only does it optimize more applications for a better return on investment, but it also helps enterprises uniquely address network integrity issues that can severely hamper application performance.  For these reasons, we are seeing more and more large enterprises, like J-W Operating Company turn to Silver Peak for their strategic WAN optimization needs."

About J-W Operating Company
J-W Operating Company is a privately-held energy company composed of five primary business lines specializing in Energy Services and Energy Development. J-W Operating Company has over 1200 (1600) employees located in over 50 (80) offices throughout the mid-continent area. Headquartered in Addison, TX with regional offices in Arkansas, Texas, Colorado, Oklahoma, Louisiana, Kansas, Utah, North Dakota, New Mexico, West Virginia and Wyoming, the company is active in many phases of the oil and gas industry.

About Silver Peak Systems, Inc.
Silver Peak improves backup, replication and recovery between data centers and facilitates branch office server and storage centralization by improving application performance across the Wide Area Network (WAN). The company’s award winning NX appliances deliver exceptional performance improvements with unprecedented security and scalability across all enterprise applications, including data replication, backup, file transfers, email, web and real-time applications such as Citrix and VoIP. For more information, visit http://www.silver-peak.com/infocenter

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