Junto Telecom Dials up WAN Performance in Brazil with Silver Peak

Silver Peak is Clear Choice for WAN Optimization with Highest Throughput and Most Comprehensive Application Support

SANTA CLARA, Calif., April 6, 2011 Silver Peak Systems , the leader in data center class wide area network (WAN) optimization, today announced Junto Telecom, a leading provider of voice and data services in Brazil, is using Silver Peak’s VX series virtual WAN optimization appliances to dramatically improve the performance of its online applications across Brazil. Silver Peak was selected for its unmatched performance and unique capability to optimize all forms of IP traffic.

Junto Telecom found the shared WAN spanning approximately 3,000 miles across Brazil was subject to a variety of bandwidth, latency, and loss issues. This prevented the company from using nearly half of the shared WAN capacity and prohibited access to its centralized applications. After implementing the Silver Peak VX virtual WAN optimization appliances, Junto Telecom achieved nearly 80% reduction in bandwidth utilization, and more-than-doubled the traffic capacity traversing the long-distance WAN.

“By providing the most comprehensive and highest capacity WAN optimization solutions, Silver Peak is helping customers like Junto Telecom improve the quality of service they deliver to customers while dramatically reducing their IT costs,” said Larry Cormier, senior vice president of marketing for Silver Peak. “Silver Peak is ‘future-proofing’ the WAN for Junto Telecom’s future expansion possibilities, which could include extended VoIP and IP video services.”

Silver Peak’s VX appliances are software versions of the company’s award-winning NX appliances, which optimize all IP traffic, regardless of transport protocol and application software version. Silver Peak VX appliances overcome common WAN challenges that adversely impact application performance and reliability using the following real-time network optimization techniques:

Silver Peak partnered with CLAdirect to meet Junto Telecom’s WAN optimization requirements.

About Silver Peak Systems, Inc.
Silver Peak develops data center class network appliances that maximize WAN performance while minimizing WAN costs.  The company’s unique network approach to WAN optimization delivers unprecedented scalability and flexibility, enabling enterprises to rapidly move large amounts of data across long distances.  Silver Peak’s WAN optimization solution is a strategic enabler for large IT initiatives, including data center consolidation, data migration, disaster recovery, server centralization, and global application and desktop virtualization.

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