Quality Built Deploys Silver Peak to Solver Disaster Recovery Challenge

Company Achieves 30x Performance Improvement when Replicating Data; Saves $360,000 per Regional Office

Mountain View, Calif., May 22, 2006 – Silver Peak Systems ( www.silver-peak.com ), a leading provider of network acceleration solutions, today announce that Quality Built, a leading provider of construction risk management services, has deployed Silver Peak’s NX series appliances to facilitate disaster recovery and improve application performance across the company’s Wide Area Network (WAN).  The Silver Peak solution enables Quality Built to centralize voice and data applications and provide real-time data replication between regional locations.  In doing so, the company has minimized exposure to risk and saved approximately $360,000 per regional office in IT expenditures.

“We needed a solution that could ensure the real-time replication of large volumes of data without requiring significant investments in WAN bandwidth,” said Mitch Nabors, network administrator at Quality Built.  “Silver Peak offered this and provided the scalability we needed.  Silver Peak also improved the performance of  e-mail, web, SQL, and voice traffic across our WAN, making it easy to cost justify an investment in WAN acceleration.”

A strategic Investment
With its rapidly growing customer base, Quality Built assessed its rising IT costs and determined that the best way to improve information delivery and to guarantee proper data backup was to centralize all application servers within the company’s main data center in San Diego.  However, server centralization presented a variety of application performance issues.  

"In some instances, it would take over 30 minutes to transfer large files across the WAN,” explained Nabors.  “Similarly, it would take hours to backup all corporate data between our main facility in San Diego and a regional site in Denver.”

Quality Built spent four months evaluating a wide range of acceleration products.  In the end, they chose Silver Peak for the following reasons:

  • Significant Performance gains :  Quality Built leveraged Silver Peak’s Network Memory™ technology for data reduction.  By eliminating duplicate data across the WAN, the company saw a 20 times reduction in web traffic and a 30 times performance improvement in file transfers. 
  • Support for Voice and Data applications:   Quality built was able to prioritize voice traffic and allocate appropriate bandwidth using the Quality of Service (QoS) capabilities within the Silver Peak NX appliances.  This helped the company improve the quality of VoIP calls across its WAN to toll grade. 
  • Proven security.   Silver Peak uses hardware encryption to protect data stored on NX appliances.  This ensured that all Quality Built information remained secure and in compliance with corporate policies.

Significant Cost Savings
Quality Built saved significant time and money by centralizing key application servers and using Silver Peak to ensure successful data replication.  The alternative was to duplicate servers and storage at each regional location, which would have required upgrades to server operating systems, new SQL licenses and significant facility costs as the company built out a new data center.  Quality Built would also have had to implement a new high performance Storage Area Network (SAN) and hire new IT personnel to support a distributed environment.  The company estimated that the above changes would cost them approximately $360,000 over three years.

With Silver Peak, Quality Built was able to keep all resources centralized without sacrificing application performance.  The Silver Peak solution enabled all information to be accurately replicated between locations, ensuring seamless (and accurate) disaster recovery.  Security, compliance, and management savings provided additional cost benefits that helped justify a strategic investment in WAN acceleration.

For more information on Quality Builts’ cost savings, please visit www.silver-peak.com/landing/quality_built

About Silver Peak Systems, Inc.
Silver Peak enables enterprises to accelerate all application over a Wide Area Network (WAN), from small branch offices to large data center links.  The company pioneered Local Instance Networking, a technology that reduces “server sprawl” and achieves exceptional acceleration for all applications, including bulk TCP applications, file transfer services, real-time applications like Citrix, media applications and VoIP in an application transparent manner.

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