Goldberg & Osborne Integrates Broadband Into Virtual Business Model; Boosts Client Satisfaction With Silver Peak EdgeConnect SD-WAN Solution

Leading Arizona Law Firm Deploys SD-WAN to Connect Attorneys to Applications; Lowers Connectivity Costs and Improves Client Satisfaction Across Statewide Offices

SANTA CLARA, Calif., January 9, 2017 – Silver Peak, the global leader in broadband and hybrid WAN solutions, today announced that Arizona-based law firm Goldberg & Osborne has selected and deployed the high-performance Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution to more effectively address the needs of its attorneys, staff and clients across its 21 offices statewide. With EdgeConnect, the firm is integrating broadband connectivity into its virtual business model to dramatically lower connectivity costs, while maintaining application service levels and client data integrity, ultimately addressing the legal requirements of its diverse client base with greater ease, efficiency and effectiveness.

As part of an IT modernization initiative, the Goldberg & Osborne IT team led the successful consolidation of the firm’s entire IT infrastructure to a colocation data center and remote disaster recovery site. Following the consolidation, the firm continued to rely on its legacy and costly MPLS-based network to connect each of its 21 local offices to the new data center. With EdgeConnect, the firm is now able to fully integrate broadband connectivity, alongside existing MPLS links, to connect its attorneys and staff to business enabling applications like Citrix VDI and VoIP without sacrificing performance or reliability. The firm’s ultimate objective is to shift from expensive private MPLS circuits toward broadband-only connectivity, with the target of cutting its annual MPLS connectivity costs of around $240,000 by up to 50 percent.

Immediate and continuous access to applications and client matters is critical for Goldberg & Osborne to represent its clients through all stages of the legal process. With Unity Orchestrator, the firm has successfully segmented and classified 40+ applications in alignment with required service levels. Applications are classified into five categories: real-time, interactive, mission critical, priority and best effort. Real-time voice and video applications are classified using a high-availability policy, bonding MPLS and broadband connectivity to maximize reliability; Citrix Multi-Stream ICA connections primarily use a high-quality protocol policy which selects the best path based on latency; and SMB/CIFS traffic traverses a high-throughput policy which aggregates both MPLS and broadband circuits for the fastest file transfer speed.

Further, EdgeConnect is fully extensible and service chained with the firm’s Fortinet FortiGate firewall routing appliances at each office location.

“We are very pleased to realize the significant cost advantages of shifting toward broadband connectivity without sacrificing network or application performance,” said Justin Horne, Director of Information Technology, Goldberg & Osborne. “Our EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution was simple to deploy and performs so well that the only way we know when a link experiences a brownout or an outage is by looking at the live view dashboard in Unity Orchestrator.”

“EdgeConnect is ideally suited for geographically distributed organizations running virtual business models like Goldberg & Osborne,” said John Vincenzo, Senior Vice President and CMO, Silver Peak. “Having the ability to dramatically lower costs with broadband connectivity without compromising performance or reliability enables customers like Goldberg & Osborne to improve business agility and deliver exceptional client service.”