Republic National Distributing Company Boosts Availability and Business Agility; Deploys Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN Solution

118-Year-Old Wine and Spirits Distributor Completes IT Infrastructure Modernization; Bonds MPLS & LTE Links to Connect Employees to Business-enabling Applications

SANTA CLARA, Calif., October 31, 2016 – Silver Peak, the global leader in broadband and hybrid WAN solutions, today announced Republic National Distributing Company, the nation’s second largest distributor of premium wine and spirits, has successfully deployed the Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect SD-WAN solution across 60 locations spanning 23 states. As part of a major network and infrastructure modernization initiative, RNDC has standardized on EdgeConnect virtual appliances at each location to achieve site uptime objectives, keep employees continuously connected to business applications and enhance business responsiveness, enabling the firm to focus on business growth and expansion.

To meet the escalating demand for reliable connectivity and bandwidth, the RNDC IT team modernized its IT infrastructure and standardized on new blade computer systems and WAN/LAN interconnects at each location while also expanding WAN connectivity flexibility to two MPLS and two LTE carriers to achieve cost efficiencies and meet site uptime objectives. Larger sites will now have a mix of up to four private and broadband connections to leverage when connecting the firm’s 8,000 employees to voice, call center, data warehouse management and automation, wireless inventory management and Oracle cloud-based applications with the reliability, security and performance required to drive the business forward.

Across all sites, the IT team will leverage the advanced software capabilities of EdgeConnect using the Unity Orchestrator global management system to create business intent overlays that bond the MPLS and LTE links together in application categories aligned with service level agreements (SLAs). To further accelerate application performance for smaller sites with limited connectivity, RNDC will deploy Unity Boost WAN optimization. Collectively, this will ensure that all available bandwidth is fully leveraged to improve reliability and site uptime and accelerate application performance, delivering an exceptional experience edge-to-edge for employees, manufacturers and customers connecting to RNDC applications.  

“We’re extremely pleased to complete our strategic IT modernization initiative and to standardize on two MPLS and two LTE carriers along with new computer systems and WAN/LAN interconnects across all of our 60 locations spanning 23 states,” said Roderick Bethly, network architect, Republic National Distribution Company. “Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect will help us to advance toward our ultimate objective of achieving 6 9’s availability across all sites and connecting employees to applications with the reliability, security and performance we need to drive our business forward.”

The RNDC IT team evaluated SD-WAN offerings from Cisco and Citrix, but quickly found that deploying these products required either a complete infrastructure upgrade at each location or lacked support for the firm’s new standardized computer systems. Only Silver Peak offered a complete SD-WAN solution with a single integrated management system and the ability to seamlessly integrate WAN Optimization.

“Republic National Distribution Company is harnessing the full power of EdgeConnect to classify and accelerate business-enabling applications to deliver a superior user experience edge-to-edge, while dramatically lowering costs and simplifying IT operations,” added Silver Peak SVP and CMO, John Vincenzo. “EdgeConnect provides RNDC with the performance, flexibility and control they need to align their WAN resources with business mandates to achieve availability objectives and enhance business agility and responsiveness.”