Silver Peak Adds 100 New SD-WAN Customers

Enterprises of all sizes turning to Silver Peak to leverage broadband for their WAN

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 10, 2016 – Silver Peak, the leader in building software-defined Wide Area Networks (SD-WANs), today announced that it has signed 100 new, paying customers of the industry’s most complete SD-WAN solution, Unity EdgeConnect, in the past nine months. These new customers are in addition to the more than 200 customers already using SD-WAN solutions from Silver Peak.

New EdgeConnect customers represent a variety of industries including Architecture, Automotive, Building Performance, Energy, Financial, Health and Fitness, High Technology, Insurance, Legal and Retail. A few of the latest SD-WAN customers include, Kamps Propane, Lionakis, Patrick K Willis, Shelby American and Spare Time Clubs.

Spare Time Clubs selected Silver Peak and EdgeConnect to address cost and performance issues of their T-1 Internet connection. By linking both their guest wireless network and their Internet circuits at each club, Spare Time dramatically improved performance and reliability. The ease of the zero touch deployment also made turning up the broadband WAN more efficient. The health club is using Boost to improve performance of its print jobs, file transfers and even Web traffic through data deduplication.

“Until we deployed Silver Peak’s EdgeConnect, we were stuck with poor performing network access from each of our locations,” said Lee Edwards, IT Manager of Spare Time Clubs. “By being able to turn both of our broadband links into an active-active pairing, we’ve improved our performance and are able to include WAN optimization only where it’s needed with Silver Peak’s Unity Boost. We have reduced our monthly connectivity costs and are getting 20 times the bandwidth. Needless to say we’re thrilled with our new SD-WAN.”

The combination of Silver Peak’s Dynamic Path Control (DPC) that allows customers to use multiple forms of connectivity simultaneously, performance improvements through path conditioning, and Boost are clearly making a difference with customers.

Kamps Propane leverages EdgeConnect to power its hybrid WAN environment. Kamps selected Silver Peak for its unique ability to deliver DPC for multiple active-active MPLS and broadband links, as well as giving added performance and reliability improvements to broadband at each of the stores. In addition to quality of service (QoS) over broadband that comes with EdgeConnect, Kamps also subscribes to Boost for application acceleration.

“The ability to have active-active connections from our stores to our data center, as well as being able to leverage broadband has made us much more efficient,” added Isaac Galvan, IT Manager at Kamps. “Silver Peak goes beyond simply giving us dynamic path selection though. EdgeConnect gives us the peace-of-mind that our WAN is high performing and reliable, even over broadband.”

Shelby learned of the Silver Peak SD-WAN solution through its work with Silver Peak strategic partner, Dell. The classic performance car manufacturer was looking to increase redundancy by utilizing multiple links and improve replication to their new data center in Las Vegas. By leveraging EdgeConnect with Boost, Shelby now runs dual Internet links to its branches and can run its back-up for disaster recovery over the Internet, avoiding the high costs of MPLS.

“When we first started evaluating SD-WAN for our network, we admittedly were concerned that broadband wouldn’t be able to support our needs,” said Richard Sparkman, Shelby American. “With EdgeConnect those concerns were quickly put to rest as we move our IT resources to a new, colocated data center.”

Silver Peak partners also continue to play a critical role in the company’s growth. In addition to Dell’s involvement with Shelby, Delta Systems Associates (DSA) is building a business around Silver Peak’s SD-WAN solution. DSA is the partner that handles the professional services for the installation with Spare Time Health Clubs, Kamps, and PK Willis and two other recent SD-WAN deployments, all in just a few months of offering EdgeConnect. It also delivers SD-WAN as a managed service for customers such as Lionakis.

“SD-WAN has opened up many new opportunities for us and it’s one of the hottest topics our customers want to know about,” said Michael Pearson, Founder and CEO of DSA Technologies. “There is so much value to the customer and to us as partner, we believe working with Silver Peak and helping our customers build a better WAN is a game-changer for us and the industry.”

Unlike other SD-WAN solutions that focus simply on allowing enterprises to leverage Internet connectivity, Silver Peak delivers a level of broadband quality of service that increases the reliability and security customers expect from a private line. With EdgeConnect as the foundation for an SD-WAN, enterprises can improve the resiliency of their WAN, dynamically balance traffic across multiple paths and increase application performance over any source of connectivity. In addition to the customers leveraging Silver Peak’s pure SD-WAN solution, EdgeConnect, more than 200 customers that rely on Silver Peak for its WAN Optimization products have upgraded their software to benefit from SD-WAN features such as Dynamic Path Control, Path Conditioning and centralized orchestration.

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