Silver Peak and EMC Accelerate Private Clouds with Integrated WAN Optimization and Virtual Storage

EMC VPLEX Geo and Silver Peak Data Center Class WAN Optimization Integration Can Provide up to 20x Improvement in WAN Capacity while Reducing WAN Costs by up to 10x

LAS VEGAS, EMC World, May 10, 2011 Silver Peak Systems today announced integration of its data center class wide area network (WAN) optimization solutions with the new EMC ® VPLEX ® Geo storage federation technology, extending performance and cost savings for private clouds across geographically distributed data centers.  Working in close collaboration with EMC , the Silver Peak WAN optimization solution is qualified, optimized, and tightly-integrated with VPLEX Geo to enable the VPLEX features for application mobility, high-availability, and collaboration over lower capacity, less-expensive networks.

Watch video of Brian Gallagher, EMC president of enterprise storage, discuss Silver Peak and EMC VPLEX

“The integrity and performance of the WAN is essential to storing and accessing data across geographically distributed data centers,” said Joe Skorupa, research vice president, data center transformation and security, Gartner.  “In these environments, highly-scalable WAN optimization with strong application support is required to ensure LAN-like performance over distance.”

EMC VPLEX Geo allows users to access a single copy of data from any global location, resulting in geographically distributed virtual and physical hosts across the network.  Silver Peak helps customers overcome WAN challenges by conditioning the network for optimal data throughput and allowing for the use of lower-capacity, lower-cost WANs or shared WANs, instead of more expensive larger or dedicated WANs.  The EMC and Silver Peak integration can enable EMC VPLEX Geo customers to reduce WAN bandwidth requirements by up to 20x, reduce WAN costs by up to 10x, and deploy more applications over existing WAN infrastructures.

“VPLEX Geo removes the barriers for distributing and dynamically sharing information between data centers,” said Brian Gallagher, president of the enterprise storage division at EMC Corporation.  “By integrating with Silver Peak’s data center class WAN optimization, customers can further reduce their WAN bandwidth requirements, accelerate the mobility of applications, and reduce WAN costs to take full advantage of virtual storage across any distance.  This smart and dynamic integration allows IT organizations to truly virtualize their distributed storage environments and make information mobile, highly available, and collaborative at any geographical location.”

Data Center Class WAN Optimization Advantage
Silver Peak physical and virtual WAN optimization appliances are easily deployed between VPLEX Geo clusters on both ends of the WAN.  Silver Peak appliances improve WAN quality, reduce latency, and make it possible to deploy distributed virtual storage without adding additional bandwidth. 

  • Network Memory capabilities reduce the amount of bandwidth required for VPLEX Geo and associated application traffic by up to 20x.  Working collaboratively with EMC, Silver Peak enables real-time de-duplication of VPLEX Geo traffic across the WAN. This significantly increases the amount of bandwidth available, allowing customers to use substantially smaller WAN connections for VPLEX Geo deployments.
  • Network Integrity enables customers to use lower-cost, shared WANs versus more expensive dedicated WANs, which can be up to 10x more expensive.  Even a small amount of packet loss on a WAN can greatly reduce throughput of storage applications.  Silver Peak network integrity provides real-time optimization to “clean up” the WAN for higher effective throughput and allows for shared MPLS or IP VPN WAN connections to be used, reducing infrastructure costs without sacrificing quality.  Advanced quality-of-service (QoS) techniques also prioritize VPLEX Geo traffic and guarantee that bandwidth requirements are met. 
  • Network Acceleration complements the VPLEX Geo capabilities for WAN latency mitigation to accelerate virtual machine migration.  When combined, VPLEX Geo and Silver Peak enable enterprises to safely maintain Recovery Point Objectives (RPO) and Recovery Time Objectives (RTO) across distance.
  • Network Visibility and Monitoring provides simplified management, monitoring, and alerting in VPLEX environments. Silver Peak Global Management System (GMS) and Silver Peak dashboards can collect and display network conditions and associated VPLEX traffic across the WAN, enabling customers to quickly diagnose and resolve any VPLEX or application-layer throughput issues as a result of WAN conditions.

“EMC VPLEX Geo with Silver Peak is the perfect combination of leading enterprise storage and leading data center class WAN optimization,” said Marc Trimuschat, vice president of business development and alliances for Silver Peak.  “Our continued integration with EMC is helping more customers future-proof their networks, and is allowing customers to lower WAN costs and get more from WAN investments as they look to accelerate the mobility of applications and speed global collaboration.”

Silver Peak Product Availability
Silver Peak’s NX appliances, VX virtual appliances, and Global Management System (GMS) have been available through the EMC Select program for more than two years. The EMC Select program helps customers easily acquire all the required components of an information infrastructure solution—all from EMC.  Silver Peak is qualified and integrated with EMC’s groundbreaking VPLEX Geo solution.  Since joining the EMC Select program, Silver Peak’s WAN optimization products have also been E-lab qualified on a range of EMC products, including  Symmetrix® Remote Data Facility/Asynchronous (SRDF®/A), Symmetrix Remote Data Facility/Data Mobility (SRDF/DM), SAN Copy™, Celerra® Replicator, and RecoverPoint.

About Silver Peak Systems, Inc.
Silver Peak develops data center class WAN optimization appliances that maximize WAN performance while minimizing WAN costs. The company’s unique network approach to WAN optimization delivers unprecedented scalability and flexibility, enabling enterprises to rapidly move large amounts of data across long distances. Silver Peak’s WAN optimization solutions are strategic enablers for large IT initiatives, including data center consolidation, data migration, cloud computing, disaster recovery, server centralization, and hosted virtual desktops (VDI).

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