Silver Peak NX Appliances and EMC Smarts Provide End-to-End Visibility Across Storage and WAN Environments

Santa Clara, Calif., March 24, 2009 Silver Peak Systems , the leader in scalable Wide Area Network (WAN) acceleration, today announced new support between the company’s NX appliances and EMC Smarts IP Availability Manager and Performance Manager. By deploying Silver Peak’s WAN acceleration devices in conjunction with EMC’s automated root-cause analysis and impact assessment tools, enterprises now have better visibility into both the storage and WAN environments. Working together, the solutions simplify device management, while lowering the operational costs associated with ongoing infrastructure troubleshooting.

NX appliances are the industry’s premier platform for scalable WAN acceleration. They use real-time network optimization techniques to fix bandwidth, latency, and packet loss problems inherent in most WAN environments. In doing so, Silver Peak NX appliances optimize the performance of all IP applications across the WAN, including EMC Symmetrix® Remote Data Facility (SRDF)™ and other replication solutions. By deploying in conjunction with Smarts, EMC customers can proactively manage and monitor a Silver Peak-enabled WAN, including centralized inventory management and rapid problem resolution through event correlation.

“The WAN provides a unique intersection between storage devices and the underlying network infrastructure,” said Jeff Aaron, vice president of marketing at Silver Peak. “By deploying Silver Peak’s NX appliances in conjunction with EMC Smarts, we are bringing the two worlds closer together for better end-to-end visibility and control.”

"EMC Smarts is widely recognized for its market leading IT management automation software, simplifying root-cause analysis and impact assessment across highly complex virtual and physical domains.” said Bob Quillin, EMC’s Senior Director of Product Marketing, Resource Management Software. “With EMC Smarts IP Avalability Manager and Performance Manager operating in conjunction with Silver Peak NX appliances, we’re taking this leadership one step further -- helping customers manage and ensure consistent and reliable application performance for critical replication, disaster recovery, and distributed applications across their WAN environments.”

Silver Peak’s NX appliances and Global management System (GMS) are available through the EMC Select Program. The EMC Select program helps customers easily acquire all the required components of an information infrastructure solution – directly from EMC. Silver Peak offers the only WAN optimization appliance currently qualified by EMC to support SRDF®/A and SRDF/DM data replication in both Ethernet and FCIP environments, ensuring end-to-end interoperability across a wide range of enterprise networks

About Silver Peak Systems, Inc.
Silver Peak is the leader in scalable Wide Area Network (WAN) acceleration. The company’s award-winning NX appliances optimize all current and future applications across an entire enterprise, making Silver Peak strategic to a variety of core business initiatives, such as server centralization, real-time collaboration and disaster recovery. For more information on the Silver Peak solution, visit

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