Silver Peak Delivers Industry Leading Performance for AutoCad 2008 across the WAN

Company’s “Application Agnostic” Approach to WAN Acceleration Ensures the Best Application Performance – Today and Tomorrow

Santa Clara, Calif., March 10 , 2008 Silver Peak Systems , a leading provider of scalable Wide Area Network (WAN) acceleration solutions,today announced that the company’s NX appliances deliver the industry’s best performance on AutoCAD version 2008. As was the case with previous AutoCAD versions, Silver Peak delivers ten to twenty times average performance improvements for AutoCAD 2008 transfers across the WAN, which is eleven times better than results measured with Riverbed’s Steelhead appliances. These performance results validate Silver Peak’s “application agnostic” approach to WAN optimization, whereby significant performance gains can be achieved for any and all enterprise applications that run over IP.

There has been uproar recently among AutoCAD customers because certain older WAN optimization products appear incompatible with newer AutoCAD file formats Silver Peak has worked with AutoDesk and other customers to verify that Silver Peak’s NX appliances do not suffer this limitation. On the contrary, Silver Peak’s customers continue to receive excellent performance on all versions of the AutoCAD product.

Silver Peak is the only WAN acceleration vendor that performs real time deduplication at the network layer of the OSI stack (layer 3). By avoiding application-specific schemes, the Silver Peak solution optimizes all IP applications and does not break when new application versions are released.

“WAN accelerators, like all networking products, must work with any IP-based applications,” said Rick Tinsley, president and CEO at Silver Peak. “The notion that application vendors must constrain their software and data formats to accommodate proprietary WAN acceleration schemes is ridiculous. In that respect, an ‘application centric’ approach to WAN optimization is fundamentally flawed. Only Silver Peak’s network centric approach to WAN optimization lets enterprises deploy Microsoft Exchange, AutoCAD, Interwoven, and hundreds of other applications without looking over their shoulder every time a new release is introduced.”

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