Silver Peak Earns ‘Excellent’ Rating from InfoWorld Test Center

NX Appliances Demonstrate Unprecedented Performance, Scale and Application Support in Independent Lab Review

Santa Clara, Calif., July 16 , 2007 Silver Peak Systems , a leading provider of scalable Wide Area Network (WAN) acceleration solutions, today announced that the company’s NX-5000 (formerly called the NX-5500) received an “Excellent” rating by the InfoWorld Test Center. This distinction was given after comprehensive testing was performed on Silver Peak NX appliances, resulting in “some of the best performance increases tested to date” across the widest range of applications and protocols.

“The NX-5000 is a smooth mix of application and protocol support, and its performance is, without question, one of the best I’ve ever tested,” said Keith Schultz, contributing editor of the InfoWorld Test Center. “The TCP and UDP support is first rate, providing all traffic types excellent acceleration and optimization. Silver Peak’s NX-5000 should be on every network administrator’s short list for WAN acceleration and optimization.”

The NX-5000 is an integral component of Silver Peak’s NX family of WAN acceleration appliances. It supports a full 50 Mbps of WAN capacity with 2 TB of encrypted local data store for Network Memory™ , the industry’s leading solution for disk based data reduction. With Network Memory, Silver Peak mitigates the impact of latency and eliminates over 90 percent of traffic across the WAN by delivering duplicate information locally. This dramatically reduces replication times for virtually all disaster recovery and backup applications and improves the performance of commonly used enterprise applications across the WAN.

“Silver Peak continues to focus its attention on delivering the best WAN acceleration experience on high capacity WAN links,” said Damon Ennis, vice president of product management at Silver Peak. “The Infoworld review is an enormous validation of our product and technology, underscoring our leadership position in performance, scalability and ease of use.”

Highlights from the Review
Testing was performed using Silver Peak’s recently announced version 2.0 software. (For more information on this release, see ). Below are excerpts from the Infoworld review, underscoring the performance, scalability and management advantages of Silver Peak’s latest product offering:


  • “Setup and configuration are straightforward.” Different policies were created based on application, protocol, source and destination address and DSCP (differentiated services code point) marking. Specific optimization techniques could be applied based on these policies for added flexibility.
  • “The reporting engine in the NX-5000 provides a good all-around view of the health and efficiency of the optimized traffic. The graph of application stats details the amount of traffic on both WAN and LAN interfaces, total bytes on both and also the overall reduction in traffic. The tunnel statistics show the amount of traffic between a pair of appliances, the overall latency, and reduction in traffic.”


  • A “cold” pass of a single, large file copied over a T1 WAN circuit with 500ms of latency using CIFS took less than 11 minutes, a 16 times improvement over an un-optimized file transfer across the same link. By comparison, the same cold test using Riverbed’s Steelhead appliance delivered a time of 1 hour, 32 minutes.
  • To highlight the NX-5000’s UDP and QoS capabilities, the appliance was tested with a video stream using the open source VideoLAN software package. Repeat plays of the same video showed a tremendous decrease in the amount of traffic on the WAN, owing its performance increase to Network Memory.


  • Silver Peak demonstrated a 33 times increase in effective WAN throughput when performing real-time replication using Double-Take Software. On a 45 Mbps connection (with 44 ms of latency), Silver Peak delivered over 200 Mbps of throughput.

The full InfoWorld review is available at:

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