Silver Peak Expands Data Center Offering with New High Performance NX-5000 Network Acceleration Appliance

New Appliance Facilitates Disaster Recovery in Mid-Sized Data Centers; Enables Server and Sotrage Centralization across Many Remote Offices

Mountain View, Calif., May 22, 2006 – Silver Peak Systems ( ), a leading provider of network acceleration solutions, today announced the availability of the Silver Peak NX-5000 network acceleration appliance.  The NX-5000 supports a full 50 Mbps of WAN capacity with 2 TB of locally encrypted Network Memory™, delivering the company’s full suite of acceleration features in a platform specifically designed to meet the scalability requirements of mid-sized data centers.   

Silver Peak’s data center appliances led the industry in WAN capacity, supporting up to 155 Mbps in a single appliance with ten times the flow processing capacity of the closest competitor.  Silver Peak’s NX appliances perform a full suite of optimization and acceleration techniques across all WAN links, delivering improved performance benefit for all data center-to-data center applications, including real-time data replication for disaster recovery.  The NX Series also overcomes the ‘flow limitations’ that often occur when a large number of regional or branch offices are aggregated into a data center with 50 Mbps to 155 Mbps of WAN capacity, making it ideal for application acceleration across a distributed enterprise.. 

“Scalability will play a key role in the evolution of the market, helping to transition application acceleration from a tactical band-aid to a strategic infrastructure investment.” said Jim Metzler, president of Ashton, Metzler, and Associates. 

A Robust Data Center Offering
More than 30% of enterprise have facilities with DS3 (45 Mbps) or greater WAN connection, including mid sized data centers and regional hubs.  The new NX-5000 is an ideal price/performance footprint for these environments.  In addition, it is equipped with a variety of features that ensure high availability and superior network resiliency, including RAID, redundant power, redundant ports, and fail-to-wire capabilities.

The NX-5000 facilitates disaster recovery by offering a high capacity solution for data replication and backup.  By mitigating the impact latency and eliminating up to 99% of information that would otherwise traverse the WAN, the NX-5500 dramatically reduces replication times for virtually all disaster recovery and backup applications.  Silver Peak’s NX appliances are the industry’s only acceleration appliances that operate at the Network Layer of the ISO stack, enabling the Silver Peak solution to support all transport protocols.  In addition to traditional applications that leverage the Transport Control Protocol (TCP), Silver Peak appliances accelerate applications that use the User Datagram Protocol (UDP), such as Veritas® Volume Replicator and other data replication solutions.

The NX-5000 also enables server and storage centralization for mid sized enterprises.  With 50 Mbps of WAN capacity, the NX-5000 can easily support 50 remote offices with 1.54 Mbps WAN links, or 100 offices with 512 Kbps links, for example. Competing solutions can only handle a limited number of TCP flows, which prevents them from supporting more than a few offices per head-end appliance.  This makes Silver Peak much more cost effective for larger enterprise deployments.

The NX family
Silver Peak NX appliances leverage a variety of advanced technologies to accelerate application performance across the WAN, including compression, Quality of Service (QoS) and latency/loss mitigation techniques.  At the heart of the Silver Peak solution is Network Memory ™, an innovative solution for data reduction.  Network Memory inspects all traffic that is sent between clients and servers, storing information as a local instance in Silver Peak appliances.  Duplicate information is delivered locally rather than sent across the WAN, improving application performance and WAN utilization. 

The Silver Peak solution offers the following unique benefits:

  • Superior scalability .  Silver Peak delivers a full range of acceleration techniques for all enterprise environments – from small remote offices to the largest data center facilities. On average, Silver Peak appliances offer 4x the throughput and data reduction capacity of alternative appliances.
  • Improved application performance .  NX appliances deliver order of magnitude performance improvements when delivering applications across the WAN – as much 100-200x improvements in some instances. 
  • Breadth of applications.  The Silver Peak solution is able to accelerate all enterprise applications, from file, email and web to Citrix and video streaming.  In addition, it is ideally suited for time-sensitive applications that use UDP, such as Voice over IP (VoIP) and many data replication solutions.
  • Enhanced security and compliance.  All Silver Peak appliances leverage 128 bit disk encryption to protect data at rest and network encryption using IPsec to protect information as it traverses the WAN.  Hardware acceleration ensures that security does not come at the expense of performance.  

About Silver Peak Systems, Inc.
Silver Peak enables enterprises to accelerate all application over a Wide Area Network (WAN), from small branch offices to large data center links.  The company pioneered Local Instance Networking, a technology that reduces “server sprawl” and achieves exceptional acceleration for all applications, including bulk TCP applications, file transfer services, real-time applications like Citrix, media applications and VoIP in an application transparent manner.

Silver Peak is headquartered in Mountain View, Calif.  For more information, visit

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