Silver Peak Helps Brazeway Save Big By Avoiding Riverbed WAN Optimization Hardware Upgrade

Brazeway runs Silver Peak software on existing virtual infrastructure to accelerate data transfers and reduce IT networking costs

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Mar. 4, 2014 – Silver Peak, the leader in accelerating data over distance, today announced that Brazeway, a leading aluminum designer and manufacturer, has successfully deployed Silver Peak’s VX software to virtually shrink the distance between its headquarters and branch offices for a fraction of the cost of a traditional hardware-based WAN optimization solution.

Brazeway first set out to upgrade its existing Riverbed hardware solution but quickly found that the forced hardware upgrade was both expensive and complex. Brazeway found that Silver Peak’s software-based solution for accelerating the wide area network delivered both the cost savings and performance gains it was looking for while simultaneously enabling them to reduce their dependence on hardware.

“We were able to utilize our existing investment in virtualization to both keep our costs down and supply us with hardware redundancy,” said Mike Sinks, Brazeway’s network administrator.

With the Silver Peak software deployed, the Brazeway team immediately noticed dramatic performance gains. Every enterprise application was accelerated by the Silver Peak software. Silver Peak more than doubled the performance of Brazeway’s file transfers and web applications between locations – all without installing proprietary hardware or special plug-ins.

In addition to the performance gains, Brazeway also gained significant control over its WAN due to Silver Peak’s extensive network monitoring tools. “Silver Peak provided a priceless set of tools to monitor what traffic was traversing the WAN,” said Jeff Ing, senior network administrator at Brazeway. “Within minutes, our network administrator was able to identify non-critical applications, helping us to instantly increase the speed and performance of our network.”

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