Silver Peak Infographic Reveals Smarter Approach to Branch Office IT

Specialized Software Running on Commodity Hardware is the Solution in the New Generation Branch Office

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 6, 2014 — Silver Peak, the leader in accelerating data over distance, today released a new infographic that illustrates a smarter approach to the IT challenges of branch offices. Drawing from its recent “Branch Office Blueprint” whitepaper, Silver Peak recommends a mix of software, virtualization and commodity hardware to maximize agility while minimizing costs.

Many attempts to address the IT challenges of the branch office rely on expensive, proprietary “all-in-one” appliances that package server, storage and networking along with the vendor’s core capabilities. Though proponents of this approach tout simplified deployment, it often forces organizations to double or even triple their capital expenses while constraining their options.

Silver Peak advises leveraging advances in data acceleration, server design and hypervisor technologies to achieve better performance at one-third of the cost. Shared infrastructure, data replication, in-flight encryption, and WAN optimization all play important roles in a layered-software approach. In this way, organizations have the freedom to consolidate services in the data center for maximum control, or where necessary, maintain them in the branch office without sacrificing agility or ease of deployment.

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