Silver Peak Leverages Virtualization to Enable Ubiquitous WAN Optimization

New Open Architecture Revolutionizes the Delivery, Pricing, and Packaging of WAN Optimization

SANTA CLARA, Calif., July 13, 2011 Silver Peak Systems, the leader in data center class wide area network (WAN) optimization, today unveiled its Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA), a combination of software and flexible pricing options that enable customers, partners, and service providers to deploy WAN optimization more conveniently than ever.

VXOA takes the underlying software that is used to power the entire family of Silver Peak NX, VX, and VRX WAN optimization products and introduces a new software development kit (SDK), an application programming interface (API), and new pricing options to facilitate WAN optimization deployments on a wide variety of industry standard hardware platforms and hypervisors. This allows for tight integration with third-party hardware, including stand-alone servers, blades, storage arrays, and routers. The result is a flexible and highly-customizable solution for widespread WAN optimization deployments.

“Virtualization is the disruptive technology across all compute segments, from servers, to storage, and now networking,” said Mark Fabbi, vice president, distinguished analyst for Network and Data Center Infrastructure at Gartner. “Virtualization allows us to run software-based ‘appliances’ on top of a variety of different platforms and form factors with an x86 based architecture. For IT professionals, that means flexible, cost-effective network appliances such as WAN Optimization, ADCs, and other related solutions can be easily deployed into their existing infrastructure.”

The growing use of virtualization, cloud services, and distributed applications is gated by an underlying WAN infrastructure plagued by bandwidth limitations, latency, and packet loss. This has driven a need for more flexible WAN optimization that can be cost-effectively deployed across private and public networks—from the cloud, to data centers, to branch offices. Proprietary and fixed hardware-based offerings have been unable to service this market effectively because they are tightly bound to the underlying hardware in a closed architecture, limiting deployment flexibility and scalability. Silver Peak’s open architecture, via its software-based approach, dynamically leverages the performance of standard CPUs, general-purpose hardware, and standard hypervisors to provide customers the most comprehensive options for deploying WAN optimization on any platform.

“WAN optimization is quickly becoming a requirement to support data center traffic, cloud services, and branch office applications across the entire network,” said Rick Tinsley, president and CEO of Silver Peak. “Silver Peak VXOA breaks customers free from the dependency on proprietary hardware and vendor-dictated hardware refresh cycles. With VXOA, we are giving customers more choice and flexibility to achieve the highest-capacity and most cost-effective WAN performance for all applications in any environment.”

Pay as You Go, or Pay as You Grow
The Silver Peak VXOA introduces the industry’s most competitive pricing and licensing options for deploying WAN optimization on a variety of platforms and across the network:

  • Subscription Licensing (pay as you go)—Silver Peak is now offering subscription-based pricing for the VX and VRX families of virtual WAN optimization appliances, as well as the virtual Global Management System (GMS). This allows customers to avoid larger up-front capital expenditures (Capex) and pay for only what is required as an annual operating expense (Opex). A one-year subscription starts at $1,600 (USD) and includes comprehensive maintenance.
  • Investment Protection (pay as you grow)—Silver Peak adds “Investment Protection” to its perpetual licenses for the VX, VRX and virtual GMS. This allows customers to start small and upgrade to higher-capacity appliances as network demands dictate. Customers only pay the difference between the smaller and larger licenses when upgrading. Perpetual pricing for the Silver Peak VX virtual appliances starts at $2,995 (USD).

Third-Party Integrations and Applications
Silver Peak’s VXOA supports the integration of data center class virtual WAN optimization with third-party products. Silver Peak VXOA allows for Silver Peak to be deployed, virtually, on any platform that meets the minimum system requirements. This includes virtual machines, stand-alone servers, storage arrays, and blades on a router or multi-function device. The Silver Peak VXOA also includes an SDK with open application protocol interfaces (APIs) to allow technology partners to integrate Silver Peak’s data center class WAN optimization into their own products. Avaya and Silver Peak, for example, announced today the integration of Silver Peak’s VX virtual WAN optimization appliances with the Avaya Secure Router (SR) 4134, a multiservice platform that integrates WAN routing, stateful firewall, VPN, VoIP gateway, and Ethernet switching into a single highly-reliable device.

About Silver Peak Systems, Inc.
Silver Peak develops data center class WAN optimization appliances that maximize WAN performance while minimizing WAN costs. The company’s unique network approach to WAN optimization delivers unprecedented scalability and flexibility, enabling enterprises to rapidly move large amounts of data across long distances. Silver Peak’s WAN optimization solutions are strategic enablers for large IT initiatives, including data center consolidation, data migration, cloud computing, disaster recovery, server centralization, and hosted virtual desktops (VDI). For more information, visit .