Silver Peak Offers Cloud Acceleration by the Hour via Amazon Web Services

Software Available Directly from AWS Marketplace Designed to Accelerate Cloud Applications and Backups

SANTA CLARA, Calif., June 25, 2013—Silver Peak Systems, a leader in accelerating data over distance, today announced that its cloud-ready WAN optimization software is now available in hourly increments directly from Amazon Web Services via the AWS Marketplace. Silver Peak’s new utility licensing complements perpetual and annual subscription licensing options to give customers a flexible and cost-effective solution for accelerating data to and from AWS.

The Silver Peak VX software, now available via the AWS Marketplace, provides further capabilities for bandwidth, distance and quality when connecting to AWS applications over the Internet. With this, AWS applications can gain even further consistency, responsiveness and cost-effectiveness. Silver Peak offers additional data transfer performance while reducing the amount of data transmitted to and from AWS, which in some cases can result in up to 80 percent cost savings versus un-optimized wide area network connections. The Silver Peak software is highly-elastic, enabling IT personnel to increase or decrease capacity on-demand based on data mobility requirements.

“AWS provides compelling computation and storage capabilities for our customers, freeing them from the costs of building and maintaining infrastructure for running business applications,” said Sajai Krishnan, GM, AWS Marketplace. “However, data needs to traverse the Internet to reach AWS.  Silver Peak WAN optimization helps AWS customers reduce data transfer latency and cost for any application.”

According to the IDC Worldwide Datacenter Network 2013-2017 Forecast and Analysis (doc# 241281, May 2013), “As virtualization and cloud continue to grow, enterprises will seek to leverage virtualized network and security services to align better with virtualized application workloads. In this context, enterprise IT departments will seek to tap the service velocity and flexibility of the virtual form factor.”

Silver Peak VX software smoothes the path to cloud deployments by:

  • Increasing AWS throughput by minimizing packet re-transmissions due to poor network quality.
  • Reducing data charges by eliminating over 50 percent of data going to and from the cloud.
  • Making AWS applications even more responsive by accelerating the underlying transport.
  • Minimizing startup costs with minimal up-front commitment and on-demand scalability.
  • Securing all data whether at rest or in-transit with AES encryption.
  • Simplifying deployment by being sold through and deployed from the AWS Marketplace.

With support for all major hypervisors, customers can also extend Silver Peak data acceleration from AWS to any virtualized data center or remote office quickly and easily.

“Silver Peak VX software via the AWS Marketplace eases the network limitations undermining any and all enterprise applications running in the cloud,” said Vivian Xu, director of cloud and virtualization product management for Silver Peak. “Silver Peak software installs quickly and easily to accelerate data to and from AWS, making it appear like your cloud-based applications are being hosted right next door, and with utility pricing, AWS customers only pay for the WAN optimization they need.”

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Silver Peak software accelerates data between data centers, remote offices and the cloud. The company’s software-defined acceleration solves network quality, capacity and distance challenges to provide fast and reliable access to data anywhere in the world. Leveraging its leadership in data center class wide area network (WAN) optimization, Silver Peak is a key enabler for strategic IT projects like virtualization, big data and disaster recovery. Download Silver Peak software today at