Silver Peak Receives Highest Score for “Current Offering” of WAN Optimization Appliances by Independent Research Firm

NX Appliances Recognized among Top WAN Optimization Vendors with “The Most Scalable WAN Optimization Appliance”

Santa Clara, Calif., July 23 , 2007 Silver Peak Systems , a leading provider of scalable Wide Area Network (WAN) acceleration solutions, today announced that the company was cited as a “strong performer” in “The Forrester Wave: WAN Optimization Appliances, Q3 2007” (July 2007) report, receiving the highest scores among all vendors in the categories of “scalability”, “reliability” and “manageability and usability”.  In the end, Silver Peak earned the highest overall score for “current product offering,” distinguishing the company’s NX appliances and Global Management System (GMS) in a hotly contested WAN optimization market.  

Silver Peak was among nine leading WAN acceleration companies that Forrester invited to participate in its WAN Optimization Appliances, Q3 2007 Wave report completed in July 2007. Forrester thoroughly evaluated these vendors across 65 criteria, broken down into three main areas: current offering, strategy, and market presence.

According to Robert Whiteley, Forrester Research Senior Analyst and author of the WAN Optimization Appliances Wave report:   “Silver Peak Systems provided the most technologically superior solution. It scored the highest on current offering, and its solution provides a full suite of optimization techniques as well as a performance-oriented solution.  Silver Peak specializes in scalability, with individual devices supporting the best single-box throughput, session processing, and overall storage capacity.  Moreover, Silver Peak has paid special attention to encryption for both data transmitted among sites as well as data at rest on each device.”

Positive Re-enforcement
This latest analyst report comes on the heels of a recent unrelated product evaluation performed by the InfoWorld Test Center.  In this independent hands-on review, Keith Schultz president of Netdata consulting and contributing editor of the InfoWorld Test Center also recognized Silver Peak’s scalability, performance, and management capabilities.  Below is a summary of some of the findings in the InfoWorld review:

  • Performance: A “cold” pass of a single, large file copied over a T1 WAN circuit with 500ms of latency using CIFS took less than 11 minutes, a 16 times improvement over an un-optimized file transfer across the same link, and an 8.4x improvement over other solutions tested
  • Scale: Silver Peak delivered over 200 Mbps throughput on a 45 Mbps connection (with 44 ms of latency).
  • Feature Breadth: Silver Peak’s “ability to both optimize UDP traffic is a major plus for enterprises doing branch office-to-datacenter replication or video streaming.”
  • Security: Information in Silver Peak appliances “are encrypted using hardware-based AES-128 (Advanced Encryption Standard) and are available across all data flows and applications, regardless of direction or session.”
  • Management: “Setup and configuration are straightforward.”  “The reporting engine in the NX appliance provides a good all-around view of the health and efficiency of the optimized traffic.”

“We are extremely pleased that Silver Peak was named a strong performer by Forrester after thorough product analyses and extensive customer interviews as having the best overall current offering with the highest scores for scalability, reliability, as well as manageability and usability ,” said Rick Tinsley, CEO at Silver Peak.”  “In our opinion, analyst reports plus independent publication testing are nice indicators that Silver Peak has a strong WAN acceleration platform that meets complex enterprise needs.”

Availability of Reports
The Independent Forrester Wave report on WAN Optimization Appliances, Q3 2007 is available to subscribers at .  Reprints will also be available at .

The InfoWorld review of Silver Peak’s NX appliances can be read online at .  Reprints are also available for download at

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