Silver Peak Revives Aging WAN and Saves Thousands-of-Dollars Annually for Global Anti-Aging Enterprise

Silver Peak Improves SRDF/A Replication Times and Optimizes Remote Connectivity Over Shared WANs

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Feb. 14, 2012 —Global businesses with growing amounts of data and distributed applications can quickly push the wide area network (WAN) beyond capacity.  Skin care and nutritional products leader Nu Skin experienced this first-hand when its disaster recovery objectives and remote call center connectivity became impacted.  Nu Skin solved this and is saving thousands-of-dollars annually with Silver Peak data center class WAN optimization in place.

High-bandwidth consumption between Nu Skin’s corporate data center and its disaster recovery site was slowing the company’s EMC® Symmetrix® Remote Data Facility replication (SRDF/A) processes and hindering recovery time objectives (RTO) for disaster recovery.  At the same time, application performance to remote calls centers was impaired due to high-latency and poor network quality. 

Nu Skin selected Silver Peak for the real-time network optimization techniques that allowed the company to achieve an 8:1 improvement in bandwidth reduction for SRDF/A replication, resulting in replication times being cut dramatically.  The company is also achieving up to a 20:1 improvement in traffic optimization for various applications to remote sites, which has significantly improved productivity and response times for remote call center employees who access centralized data. 

“We sought out a company who could provide an innovative solution for our increasing WAN bandwidth requirements” said Brian Crandall, global systems architect at Nu Skin. “Silver Peak was the only vendor that could deliver private-line performance for our required applications over our shared network.  Silver Peak’s comprehensive capabilities and tight integration with EMC was critical for us, and will allow us to save many thousands of dollars a year in WAN bandwidth costs alone.”

Nu Skin selected Silver Peak over the competition citing Silver Peak’s industry-leading scale, ease-of-use, and unique ability to optimize all traffic over lower-cost shared WAN infrastructures.   Nu Skin benefits from Silver Peak’s unique features that include Network Acceleration to overcome WAN latency, Network Integrity to correct packet delivery issues and intelligently allocate WAN resources, and Network Memory™ to maximize WAN bandwidth utilization.  Nu Skin also benefits from Silver Peak’s Global Management System (GMS), which simplifies administrative tasks for managing a global installation while providing granular visibility into the distributed WAN infrastructure.

About Silver Peak Systems, Inc.
Silver Peak is the leader in data center class WAN optimization.  The company’s Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) delivers unprecedented scalability and flexibility, enabling rapid deployment of WAN optimization anywhere and on any platform or hypervisor.  Silver Peak’s WAN optimization solutions are strategic enablers for large IT initiatives, including data center consolidation, data migration, cloud computing, disaster recovery, server centralization, and hosted virtual desktops (VDI). For more information, visit the Silver Peak InfoCenter or follow Silver Peak on Twitter , Facebook , YouTube , LinkedIn , and the WAN Speak Blog .