Silver Peak Sheds Light on Finisar’s Data Protection Challenges

WAN Acceleration Delivers Eight-fold Improvement in SnapMirror Replication across Heavily Utilized WAN

Santa Clara, Calif., October 15 , 2007 Silver Peak Systems , a leading provider of scalable Wide Area Network (WAN) acceleration solutions, today announced that Finisar Corporation (“Finisar”), a leading provider of optical components and testing equipment, has deployed Silver Peak NX appliances throughout its global footprint.  With Silver Peak’s WAN acceleration technology, Finisar has improved design collaboration between employees in the United States and Asia, while maximizing data protection through faster data replication and more reliable backups of remote facilities.

  “We are using Silver Peak appliances in all 12 of our main locations around the world, and we couldn’t have asked for better results,” said Chip Greel, manager of network services at Finisar. “The speed of light isn’t getting any faster, but with Silver Peak’s technology in our network, the world seems a little bit smaller.” 

Seeing the Light
As an early adopter of WAN optimization, Finisar got in the habit of using WAN optimization for every piece of data that goes across their WAN. However, they found that early generation WAN optimization solutions could not keep up with their performance and scalability needs. It was the company’s data protection requirements that ultimately drove them to overhaul their WAN optimization infrastructure.

The WAN was preventing backup and replication from completing in a timely fashion, which compromised business continuity objectives and created additional IT expenditures as resources were spent troubleshooting database synchronization problems. At the same time, the sheer volume of disaster recovery traffic was consuming the company’s limited WAN bandwidth and squeezing out other business applications.

A Wave of Success
After evaluating solutions from several leading WAN optimization vendors, Finisar chose Silver Peak NX appliances for its combination of price, performance, and scalability.   

“Silver Peak’s performance was slightly better than competitors, and they delivered much more usable disk space for data reduction on their appliance,” said Greel. “We got ‘more cache for less cash,’ which enabled us to cost effectively scale to support our global WAN needs.”

With Silver Peak, it takes about 15 seconds to move a 50 MB database from Sunnyvale to Malaysia using Xcopy, versus 8 minutes without it.  CommVault backups were reduced from 4 days to less than one day per remote location. In addition, the company is getting more than 100 Mbps actual WAN throughput using NetApp’s SnapMirror technology on a 45 Mbps link between California and Texas, cutting a 2 hour replication to less than 15 minutes.

Finisar has also dramatically improved its overall WAN bandwidth utilization. For example, the company now averages less than 6 Mbps of throughput on a 45 Mbps link with Silver Peak, which is a 75% increase in overall WAN capacity.  This has enabled Finisar to avoid costly WAN upgrades and leaves the company plenty of room for future traffic growth.

A more detailed profile of Finisar’s WAN acceleration deployment can be found here

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