Silver Peak Simplifies and Lowers Costs for Transitioning to the Cloud with Latest VXOA Software

Silver Peak Combines Data Center Scalability, Automation and Flexibility to Deliver Cloud-Ready WAN

SANTA CLARA, Calif., May 21, 2012 —Silver Peak Systems, the leader in data center class wide area network (WAN) optimization, today announced its Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) release 5.2, which enables enterprises to quickly and easily overcome WAN bandwidth, quality and distance barriers to public cloud deployments. The latest software provides automated optimization for TCP and non-TCP traffic, hundreds-of-thousands of simultaneous connections for 10 gigabit-per-second (Gbps) infrastructures, and support for all common hypervisors. This ensures unmatched scalability and simplicity for moving data and applications from the enterprise data center to the public cloud, and ensures fast and reliable ongoing access to cloud services.

“The proliferation of ‘big data’ and cloud-based applications is driving change within today’s data centers, including standardizing on larger-capacity networks, virtualization, and the use of non-TCP tunneled protocols like OTV, VXLAN and NVGRE that are required for virtual machine (VM) mobility across data centers,” said Damon Ennis, vice president of product management for Silver Peak. “With Silver Peak VXOA, enterprises can quickly and easily future-proof the WAN for these evolving data center requirements and the inevitable transition to the cloud.  Customers benefit from the industry’s highest performance virtual and physical WAN optimization appliances that can be deployed anywhere, and on nearly any platform or hypervisor.”

Silver Peak VXOA is a software-based approach to WAN optimization that makes deployment, management, and growth easy and cost-effective. The software optimizes all Internet protocol (IP) traffic, runs on any hardware platform or hypervisor, and offers flexible pricing options that align with customer requirements. The new capabilities in Silver Peak VXOA 5.2 include:

  • Auto-Optimization for Tunneled Protocols —Many emerging applications for big data and VM mobility rely on non-TCP tunneled protocols such as Overlay Transport Virtualization (OTV) developed by Cisco Systems, UDP-based Data Transfer Protocol (UDT) for transferring large volumetric datasets over high speed WANs (e.g. EMC VPLEX), Virtual eXtensible LAN (VXLAN) from VMware and Cisco, and Network Virtualization using Generic Routing Encapsulation (NVGRE) developed by Microsoft and others. Silver Peak Auto-Optimization with real-time tunneling helps customer quickly and easily optimize the WAN for these types of non-TCP applications “out-of-the-box.” No special configuration or software is required. Silver Peak VXOA automatically discovers the applications requiring optimization, sets-up the tunnel, and optimizes application performance by overcoming common WAN obstacles, including bandwidth, distance, and quality.
  • Uncontested Performance for 10 Gigabit Infrastructures —Silver Peak VXOA powers the industry’s highest-performance, highest-capacity physical and virtual WAN optimization appliances. The Silver Peak NX-10K physical appliance now supports 512,000 simultaneous flows for 10 Gbps WAN infrastructures, five-times more than the largest competitor.  This is critical for supporting thousands of users connecting to the cloud. The Silver Peak VRX virtual appliance already supports 256,000 flows and offers 20-times more capacity and performance than the largest virtual competitor.
  • Citrix XenServer and KVM Hypervisor Support —Silver Peak VXOA and its virtual WAN optimization appliances offer the broadest hypervisor support, including VMware vSphere, Citrix XenServer, Microsoft Hyper-V, and KVM. Many public cloud environments are and will be leveraging Citrix XenServer and KVM, and now Silver Peak VXOA supports Citrix XenServer and KVM for data center deployments.

Customer Testimonials
“Our environment is highly-centralized with large amounts of live data from many applications traversing our data center WAN,” said Jason Barrett, IT manager for M3 Engineering, a full-service global design firm providing clients with architecture, engineering and construction management. “We found Silver Peak to be the only vendor that could automate the optimization of our applications and data traversing the WAN, including all our business-critical applications.”

“Having evaluated numerous WAN optimization solutions, Silver Peak’s unrivaled performance and unique capabilities for optimizing all IP-based applications makes it best-in-class,” said Peter Mayo, director of EcoLogic Systems, a leading cloud-based managed service provider delivering optimization-as-a-service (OaaS) to UK enterprises. “Silver Peak’s virtual architecture maps perfectly with our services platform, offering delivery and deployment flexibility for optimizing remote branches to data centers at a much lower cost than its competitors.”

“We were having significant bandwidth complications with large file transfers to and from our data center,” said Mark McGrath, director of information services for Schuff International, the largest steel fabricator and erector in the United States. “It appeared as if we needed to expand our network capabilities in order to support our current bandwidth needs in addition to a planned rollout out of a new enterprise VIOP phone systems with video conferencing capabilities. I did not want to incur the additional long term operational expenditure, fortunately, we deployed Silver Peak, which automatically tuned the throttling and packet shaping to our applications and the bandwidth problems immediately went away.”

Silver Peak VXOA 5.2 is available today from Silver Peak and its global network of channel partners.  Existing customers with a current support contract can upgrade to the current version the Silver Peak VXOA software.

About Silver Peak Systems, Inc.
Silver Peak is the leader in data center class WAN optimization. The company’s Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) delivers unprecedented scalability and flexibility, enabling rapid deployment of WAN optimization anywhere and on any platform or hypervisor. Silver Peak’s WAN optimization solutions are strategic enablers for large IT initiatives, including data center consolidation, data migration, cloud computing, disaster recovery, server centralization, and hosted virtual desktops (VDI). For more information, visit the Silver Peak InfoCenter or follow Silver Peak on Twitter , Facebook , YouTube , LinkedIn , and the WAN Speak Blog .