Silver Peak Software Wins for Performance, Affordability in 7-Vendor WAN Optimization Test

Network World Test Proves Virtual WAN Optimization Significantly Higher Value than Proprietary Hardware

SANTA CLARA, Calif., Nov. 20, 2013 – Silver Peak, the leader in accelerating data over distance, today announced that its WAN optimization software received top marks for performance and virtualization in Network World’s recent 7-vendor WAN optimization test. 

Silver Peak’s VX virtual WAN optimization products were tested alongside hardware products from Riverbed, Cisco and others. Based on the 100 branch office test environment, Silver Peak also emerged as the most affordable and cost-effective WAN optimization solution, coming in at a price point of 58% less than Cisco and 54% less than Riverbed as-tested.

According to the Network World product test:

  • “Silver Peak is so confident in their virtualization performance that it didn’t even ship us dedicated appliances – it had us run their software as a VM within VMware. Because our testing proved that Silver Peak kept up or beat the rest of the market when it came to performance improvements, we’re true believers now too.”
  • “Silver Peak’s VX-series kicked most of the market to the curb when it came to performance improvements.”
  • “For great performance, we were again impressed with Silver Peak, a top scorer in our 2007 test.  Tied for first place in our compression and de-duplication tests, Silver Peak’s VX-series and NX-series simply makes things go faster.”
  • “Silver Peak VX-series beat the competition in email compression, both in low-latency and high-latency environments.”
  • With regards to Citrix traffic: “We weren’t surprised to find that Silver Peak VX-series led the pack in performance.”

Silver Peak also ranked as a top contender in the article’s “Long-term Analysis.”

Silver Peak delivers the industry’s fastest and most-flexible data acceleration software, enabling customers to move more data, over longer distances, and in less time. The Silver Peak software products offer multi-gigabit performance and flexible pricing options that allow customers to pay-as-they-go and pay-as-they-grow, including annual subscription licensing or even hourly utility pricing in the cloud.

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