Silver Peak Unveils First Point-and-Click Solution for Accelerating Virtual Workloads over Distance

Software-Defined Acceleration Brings Unprecedented Flexibility and Cost Savings to Virtualization Admins Responsible for Application Performance

SANTA CLARA, Calif., August 20, 2012 Silver Peak Systems , the leader in accelerating data over distance, today introduced the first point-and-click solution for accelerating individual workloads directly from VMware vCenter and other virtual infrastructure management consoles. This is part of Silver Peak’s new “Agility” technology initiative that focuses on improving the application owner’s experience through software-defined virtual workload acceleration. Silver Peak Agility is putting unprecedented control in the hands of virtualization experts, enabling them to maximize the performance of individual workloads in a fast, easy and highly-efficient manner.

Silver Peak will demonstrate Agility at VMworld in San Francisco, Aug. 26-30, 2012, in booth #200. An online demonstration is available at .

When enterprises extend workloads beyond a single data center they must contend with the adverse effects of latency, congestion, and limited network capacity—all of which can significantly impair application performance over distance. Silver Peak Virtual Acceleration Open Architecture (VXOA) software solves these challenges. With Agility, VXOA is deployed and managed from within the virtualization domain, using common management platforms like VMware vCenter. As a result, little or no networking expertise is required, making it easier than ever before to accelerate any application or workload in a virtual environment. This saves companies time and money by allowing virtual administrators to easily provision, manage, and control the acceleration of individual workloads from the same interface they are already comfortable using on a daily basis.

“Applications and data can shift from server to server, data center to data center, and private cloud to public cloud [in today’s virtual enterprise], and application developers and hypervisor administrators procure most of the virtualized firewalls, WAN optimization controllers, and application delivery controllers for their infrastructures,” said Andre Kindness, senior infrastructure and operations analyst for Forrester Research, Inc., in the July 2012 report entitled “Networking Predictions for 2013.”

Silver Peak Agility is beneficial for accelerating managed service provider (MSP) and cloud deployments. In both these scenarios, customers typically do not have access to the physical network devices owned by the service provider. Silver Peak Agility takes away the network-based deployment and configuration requirements, simplifies management, and allows the cloud or MSP manager to easily scale from a few applications to thousands of applications from the virtualization infrastructure management console.

“Virtualization enables WAN optimization technology to be consumed by users beyond the traditional networking audience and without disruption of the network,” said David Hughes, founder and CTO of Silver Peak. “Our software-defined approach to acceleration allows any networking, storage, server, and compute administrator to quickly and easily accelerate any application over distance using the tools with which they are the most comfortable.”

All of Silver Peak’s software-based WAN optimization products are available today as free self-service trials from the Silver Peak Virtual Marketplace: . Silver Peak Agility will be available as a plug-in to third-party virtualization management tools, such as VMware vCenter. Timing is dependent upon availability of the various virtual switch vendors’ integration capabilities, with Silver Peak’s first Agility product expected before the end of 2012.

About Silver Peak Systems
Silver Peak software accelerates data between data centers, branch offices and the cloud. The company’s software-defined acceleration solves network quality, capacity and distance challenges to provide fast and reliable access to data anywhere in the world. Leveraging its leadership in data center class wide area network (WAN) optimization, Silver Peak is a key enabler for strategic IT projects like virtualization, big data and disaster recovery. Download Silver Peak today at or follow us on Twitter , YouTube , LinkedIn , and the WAN Speak Blog .