NX Appliances Deliver Tenfold Improvement in CAD transfer Times, Reduce WAN Bandwidth by 87%

Santa Clara, Calif., March 31, 2009 Silver Peak Systems , the leader in scalable Wide Area Network (WAN) acceleration, today announced that Trihydro Corporation, a leading provider of engineering and environmental services, has selected Silver Peak’s NX appliances to optimize WAN performance.  With Silver Peak’s real-time network optimization techniques, Trihydro is optimizing the performance of all IP traffic between the firm’s distributed locations, including Microsoft file sharing, Structured Query language (SQL), and numerous design applications, including AutoCAD, Civil 3D, and Map3D. 

Silver Peak partnered with CTC Technologies of Ann Arbor, Mich., to address Trihydro's WAN acceleration needs. 

“Silver Peak’s unique byte level deduplication delivers substantial performance improvements on AutoCAD and similar applications that are notoriously difficult to optimize across the WAN,” said Casey Mullins, network manager at Trihydro. “In addition, Silver Peak provides real-time monitoring and traffic shaping that obviate the need for standalone QoS appliances and third party management tools.  By delivering all this functionality in a single solution, Silver Peak keeps our WAN infrastructure costs to a minimum.”

Silver Peak leverages a variety of real-time network optimization techniques to maximize application performance across the WAN while minimizing IT operational costs.  These techniques include:

        • Network Acceleration to overcome WAN latency
        • Network Integrity to correct packet loss and WAN quality problems
        • Network Memory™ to maximize WAN bandwidth utilization

Silver Peak’s unique network approach to WAN acceleration  delivers unprecedented scalability, including the highest effective throughput of any WAN acceleration device.  This makes Silver Peak ideal for large enterprise networks and applications with high sustained data volumes.  

Silver Peak optimizes every application that runs over IP, including file, email, web, SQL, Voice over IP (VoIP), streaming video, Citrix, Virtual Desktop Infrastructures (VDI), real-time data replication, and remote backup.  This provides the best Return on Investment (ROI) for WAN acceleration.

Silver Peak is the only vendor to solve bandwidth, latency, and loss issues in real time, making shared networks (IP VPN and MPLS) perform like private lines.  Enterprises get cost-effective bandwidth with high throughput and predictable performance, making Silver Peak strategic to a variety of business initiatives, from server centralization and storage consolidation to real-time collaboration and disaster recovery.

About Trihydro Corporation
Trihydro provides a full range of expert engineering and environmental services that result in high quality, business-focused solutions that are completed in a safe, timely, and cost-effective manner. Our goals are to function as an extension of your staff, incorporate technology that strengthens our performance, and ensure your satisfaction with every aspect of each project.

About Silver Peak Systems, Inc.
Silver Peak is the leader in scalable Wide Area Network (WAN) acceleration. The company’s award-winning NX appliances optimize all current and future applications across an entire enterprise, making Silver Peak strategic to a variety of core business initiatives, such as server centralization, real-time collaboration and disaster recovery. For more information on the Silver Peak solution, visit

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