• Unity Boost

    Unified WAN Optimization On-Demand

    Accelerate applications and maximize available bandwidth where and when it is needed

Accelerate Applications with Unity Boost

As distance between locations increases across the WAN, application performance degrades. Unity Boost, an optional WAN optimization software pack, accelerates the performance of latency-sensitive and data-intensive applications.
  • Accelerate Applications with Unity Boost
  • Application Acceleration:

    TCP and other protocol acceleration techniques mitigate the negative effect of latency to significantly improve application response times

    Data Reduction:

    Data compression and deduplication prevents the repetitive transmission of duplicate data to accelerate data-intensive applications

  • Apply WAN Optimization on an application-by-application or site-by-site basis with a single mouse click

Fast-track Business Performance Anywhere

  • Mitigate latency to accelerate application performance

  • Dramatically reduce backup and recovery times

  • Accelerate service activation with a single mouse click

  • Enhance application optimization with complete visibility and control

  • Significantly lower license and management costs

Industry-leading WAN Optimization and SD-WAN in a Single Unified SD-WAN Edge Platform


    Seamless transition for multi-cloud deployments
    • Maximize available bandwidth to migrate data to the cloud faster

    • Lower cloud usage costs

    • Certified across AWS, Azure, Google and Oracle public cloud instances

    • Scale across virtual environments with multi-gigabit throughput

    Automated Application Acceleration

    Automated Application Acceleration

    Significantly improve application response times and maximize bandwidth utilization
    • Accelerate latency-sensitive applications

    • Lightning-fast backups and file transfers with data reduction

    • Deliver consistent and predictable quality of experience

    Automation and Continuous Control

    On-demand with Continuous Visibility

    Flexibility and rapid time-to-service activation with centralized visibility and control
    • One-click WAN optimization deployment

    • Lower costs; apply WAN optimization on-demand where and when needed

    • Full bandwidth savings visibility with Unity Orchestrator

    Unified WAN Optimization

    Unified WAN Optimization

    Simplify operations and management with a business-driven SD-WAN edge platform with unified WAN optimization
    • Centralize the deployment of WAN optimization resources

    • Eliminate the need for individual WAN optimization appliances

    • Dramatically increase IT operational and management efficiency

Forward-thinking Enterprises using Unity Boost WAN Optimization

  • They bonded the two links and implemented Unity Boost, which provides full-featured WAN optimization to accelerate transmission of the Picture Archiving and Communication System (PACS) images over long distances. Suddenly, instead of 13 hours to prefetch images, it only took less than half the time.

    Duleep Wikramanayake, Chief Information Officer
  • Since implementing Unity Boost, we’ve seen application performance increases of between 6 and 60 percent,” Beech affirms. “We also tripled our available bandwidth from 200 to 600 Mbps through the data compression and deduplication provided by Boost. The compression is just staggering.”

    Andy Beech, Head of IT Systems