WAN Hardening

Secure Your Broadband and Hybrid WAN Edge-to-Edge

While MPLS networks are perceived to be "private" networks and provided some inherent protection, no such assurances are true when connecting out over the Internet. Silver Peak secures broadband WANs edge-to-edge with multiple security features. It starts with 256-bit AES encryption to secure all WAN traffic in a Unity EdgeConnect overlay tunnel. All enterprise data in-flight across the Silver Peak encrypted tunnel fabric (SD-WAN overlay) is secured without any performance degradation.

In addition, Silver Peak has added WAN Hardening  as a key feature in Unity EdgeConnect. WAN Hardening enables enterprises to deploy Unity EdgeConnect appliances directly onto the Internet. No unauthorized outside traffic is allowed to enter the branch. If a packet is not in the Silver Peak encrypted tunnel it is denied access and immediately dropped. With WAN hardening there also is a reduced need to add additional routers and firewalls at the branch, which helps eliminate appliance sprawl and the high costs of deploying and managing dedicated firewalls.

With WAN Hardening included in the Unity EdgeConnect appliances, customers benefit from:

  • Enterprise class security.
  • Accelerated site-to-site performance by encrypting data in-flight without any performance degradation.
  • Significant capital savings by avoiding the purchase of additional VPN hardware.
  • Easy deployment requiring no networking expertise or painstaking tunnel configuration.


  • This data sheet highlights the features and capabilities of Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect.
  • How quick can you deploy an SD-WAN? With Silver Peak Unity EdgeConnect, you can connect a branch to broadband, MPLS or a combination of the two in minutes.
  • This white paper highlights Silver Peak's Dynamic Path Control (DPC), which gives organizations the ability to intelligently route applications over multiple WAN links, including the Internet. The white paper reviews a sample architecture, DPC configuration options, and monitoring.