• Centralized SD-WAN Management

    Complete observability and control of your WAN from a single pane of glass

Simple, Intelligent, Centralized Orchestration with Unity Orchestrator

  • Simple, Intelligent, Centralized Orchestration with Unity Orchestrator
  • An intuitive interface allows you to centrally define, assign and enforce policies across the WAN.

    Deliver the Ultimate Quality of Experience for Network Managers

    • Streamline operations

    • Simplify change management

    • Minimize configuration errors

    • Expedite troubleshooting

    • Enforce consistent policies across the WAN

  • Realize the Power of Orchestrator in Two Minutes

Fast-track Business Responsiveness with Unity Orchestrator

  • Quickly deploy new sites or applications

  • Gain granular application visibility and control

  • Automate multi-level security policies

  • Ensure consistent configurations across all sites

  • Speed troubleshooting with detailed reporting and analytics

Unity Orchestrator Advanced Capabilities

    Single Screen Administration

    Single Screen Administration

    Shift to a business-first networking model where top-down business intent is the driver

    • Intuitive templates streamline configuration and deployment

    • Self-guided UI with real-time feedback speeds decision making

    • Easily differentiate network configurations across regions or appliance clusters

    • Ensure rapid, error-free and consistent network-wide configurations

    Centrally define, assign and enforce policies based on business intent to secure and control all application traffic across the wide area network

    Real-time Visibility and Monitoring

    Real-time Visibility and Monitoring

    Simplify operations, make changes easier, minimize errors and enable faster troubleshooting

    • Customized dashboards display integrated information — appliance status, alarms, licenses, topology, top talkers, etc.

    • Monitor application traffic throughput, loss, latency and jitter across overlays and underlays

    • Customize performance metrics reports (e.g.: Bandwidth savings report)

    Orchestrator dashboard provides specific details into SD-WAN health and performance in a single screen

    Automation and Continuous Control

    Automation and Continuous Control

    Deploy quickly, maintain the highest levels of network and application performance and automatically adapt to changing business needs

    • Correlate outages, performance and configuration issues using a single health map

    • Automatically assign business intent policies to streamline connectivity across 100s or 1000s of sites

    • Automate daily updates for millions of cloud applications and web domains

    • Automate integration with cloud security services (eg: Zscaler) to deliver consistent security policies for all users, across all locations with true zero-touch provisioning

    Correlate outages, performance and configuration issues in real-time across all appliances with a single health map

    Centralized Orchestration and Management

    Centralized Orchestration and Management

    Orchestration across all network functions, including SD-WAN, routing, firewall, segmentation, WAN optimization and application visibility and control

    • Centrally enable zero-touch provisioning of new EdgeConnect appliances and push pre-configured business intent policies

    • Seamlessly drag-and-drop service chaining to third-party network and security services

    • Apply WAN optimization to any class of applications with a single mouse click

    Drag-and-drop service chaining dynamically steers traffic to next generation security infrastructure or cloud security services

An Orchestrator for Every Type of Business

    Unity Orchestrator

    Designed to address the unique requirements of distributed enterprises:

    • Streamline operations and accelerate troubleshooting

    • Simplify change management and reduce human errors

    • Consistent policy enforcement across the WAN

    Unity Orchestrator

    Unity Orchestrator Global Enterprise

    Designed to address the unique requirements of large enterprises and managed service providers:

    • Apply fine-grained network and security policies across multiple business units or subsidiaries

    • Scale deployments to 1000s of sites

    • Centrally and efficiently manage a large WAN with different administrative domains or regions

    Unity Orchestrator Global Enterprise



Flexible Deployment Options

  • On-Premise

    Deploy Orchestrator as a virtual machine in an existing environment

  • Public Cloud

    Deploy Orchestrator as a virtual instance within Amazon Web Services (AWS)

  • Cloud-Managed

    Optional Orchestrator-as-a-Service subscription license

  • Unity EdgeConnect
  • Unity EdgeConnect

    The Unified SD-WAN Edge Platform

    Unlike router-centric and basic SD-WAN solutions, Unity EdgeConnect enables you to deliver always-consistent, always-available application performance, and the highest quality of voice and video, across any combination of transport services.

  • Unity Boost

    Boost Application Performance on the Fly

    When branch offices are deployed as part of an SD-WAN, enterprises may require higher performance for specific applications. Enterprises can subscribe to Boost and accelerate application performance as needed.

  • Unity Boost

Featured Customers

  • The Silver Peak Orchestrator allows us to manage our WAN as one unit. We were able to deploy to 42 different locations within a two-month span and push the segmentation for all of our branches using a single template.

    Eric Hubbard
    Infrastructure Technology Manager
  • The amount of visibility Orchestrator provides is beyond anything we’ve ever had. It makes a big difference when you can see directly what’s happening on your network, where traffic is originating at the client level, what applications are optimized or not, and wrapping all that into a single pane of glass. Having that insight to troubleshoot is amazing.

    Michael Soler
    Senior Infrastructure Manager

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