Unity Orchestrator SP - Multi-Tenant Orchestration Platform

Unprecedented Visibility and Control of Multi-tenant SD-WAN Deployments for Service Providers

Multi-Tenant SD-WAN Orchestration

The Silver Peak Unity OrchestratorSP is a multi-tenant orchestration platform that enables service providers to globally manage and monitor the performance of Unity EdgeConnectSP SD-WAN solutions deployed by their customers.

Multi-Tenant Orchestrator SP Dashboard

OrchestratorSP delivers highly granular levels of visibility into thousands of customer branch deployments for both legacy and cloud WAN applications.

OrchestratorSP delivers granular visibility into thousands of customer branch deployments for both data center and cloud WAN applications. It provides the unique ability to centrally configure and manage secure SD-WAN deployments for each individual customer while providing customized, segregated views and reporting.

OrchestratorSP provides an unprecedented level of operational efficiency by minimizing order-to-deployment touch points with an intuitive user interface and centralizing configuration. This provides visibility into customer networks and rapid response for troubleshooting and support issue resolution.

Key features of OrchestratorSP include:

Multi-Tenant SD-WAN Customers
Multi-tenant hosted: Scales to support SD-WAN deployments for hundreds to thousands of enterprise customers
  • Multi-tenant management and administration: Scales to support SD-WAN deployments for hundreds to thousands of enterprise customers.
  • Flexible licensing and billing: Provides easy license management for provisioning licenses, flexible upgrade or downgrade licenses and scheduling for each customer, and a variety billing options, including perpetual and pay-as-you-go alternatives.
  • Enterprise-class features for each customer: Generates granular real-time and historical reports for monitoring each customer’s network and application performance.
  • Easy onboarding of new customers: Enables rapid deployment of new sites without any specialized IT expertise required at the branch.
  • Upgrade customers on any schedule, anytime: Unique customer instances ensure flexibility in tailoring deployments to unique customer requirements.
  • Segregation of customer databases: Securely isolates each individual customer SD-WAN configuration and performance statistics providing the security today’s enterprise customers need to assure robust security.
  • Secure and Single Sign-on access: Makes it efficient for an operations team to support many customers, while ensuring privacy and security for each customer