VX Virtual WAN Optimization Software

Leading Performance and Virtualization Flexibility

Silver Peak VX virtual WAN optimization software combines the cost and flexibility benefits of virtualization with the performance gains delivered by Silver Peak's industry-leading WAN optimization technology. Silver Peak VX virtual appliances support the full list of Silver Peak WAN optimization features for maximum functionality, including data reduction, path conditioning and traffic shaping. This enables customers to overcome bandwidth, distance and quality challenges when moving data over the WAN.

The WAN optimization software runs on all major hypervisors (VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, Citrix XenServer, KVM) and can integrate quickly and easily into existing virtual infrastructures to maximum cost savings. Awarded a "Perfect 10" for value by InfoWorld, Silver Peak VX software can save customers up to 80% in WAN optimization costs by switching from competing hardware to Silver Peak software.

Featured Use Cases

Silver Peak is ideal for cloud providers and cloud subscribers, alike.

Fast, Reliable and Increasingly Efficient

Making the Most of VM Mobility and Virtual Desktops.


  • This data sheet highlights the features and capabilities of Silver Peak VX WAN optimization software. The software uses real-time optimization techniques to solve network quality, capacity and distance challenges, resulting in fast and reliable access to information anywhere in the world.
  • Demonstration of the industry's first and only multi-gigabit-per-second virtual WAN optimization solution for Citrix XenServer environments. Silver Peak's virtual offering for Citrix XenServer now extends from small remote offices to large data centers, giving Citrix XenServer hypervisor customers a highly flexible and cost-effective solution for maximizing the performance of applications and storage traffic over a long distance wide area network (WAN).
  • United Drug Meets RPO, Reduces Disaster Recovery Costs
  • DWP Accelerates Data Mobility And App Performance Across Asia Pacific
  • Law firm Thomson Snell & Passmore is using Silver Peak WAN acceleration to support a migration from Windows XP, Office 2003 and Exchange 2003 IT infrastructure to a new cloud-based service running the latest Microsoft software. The 200-year-old law firm previously ran a legacy Windows and Exchange environment to support 188 staff across two UK offices. To modernise its IT, Thomson Snell & Passmore has implemented a cloud-based IT infrastructure using Citrix, run from a 2e2 datacentre in Reading.