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Whether backing up data to the cloud, accessing centrally hosted applications and services, or optimizing SaaS services, Silver Peak makes Amazon Web Services (AWS) fast and affordable. Silver Peak VX for AWS helps in the following ways:

  • As AWS services are priced by the GB (click here for rates), Silver Peak saves you thousands of dollars every month in AWS expenses by eliminating over 50% of cloud traffic.
  • Is your closest AWS location hundreds (or thousands) of miles away? Don't worry - with Silver Peak it feels like next door. Do you need to monitor and control connectivity to the clould while optimizing SaaS performance? Deploy a Silver Peak instance in AWS as part of the Unity intelligent WAN fabric. 
  • Silver Peak helps you migrate data to the cloud quicker than ever. With 20x more average throughput, Silver Peak reduces the largest data transfers from days to hours

And with Silver Peak's flexible licensing program, you can accelerate on your terms. Deploy cloud acceleration for as little as an hour (Utility license), a year (Bring Your Own License, BYOL), or permanently (Perpetual license). Whatever your cloud application, its duration or capacity requirements, Silver Peak has the cloud  acceleration solution to match your needs.

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By the Hour (Utility License):

Using 30 Day Free Trial License

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