Architecting an SD-WAN with Quality of Service Over Broadband

Internet connectivity is one of the cheapest and most widely available bandwidth options. However, when it comes to building a corporate wide area network (WAN), Internet connectivity is still not seen as a reliable medium for important business data. There are too many questions about whether broadband can support the quality and reliability enterprises have come to expect from their WAN. As a result of this skepticism regarding broadband quality, Internet links are often used as backup, where they largely sit idle.

What if the Internet could be made to be reliable? What if it could be secured and made to perform like a private line? What if technologies were available to enable active use of multiple sources of connectivity simultaneously AND deliver a level of quality of service (QOS) over broadband that increases reliability and security? Enterprises could rely on Internet bandwidth for essential applications. Instead of sitting idle, companies could utilize bandwidth they’re already paying for. At the very least, they could augment their existing WAN and provide an easy way to scale into the future.

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