Denali Credit Union Maximizes Disaster Recovery with Dell Compellent and Silver Peak

A disaster recovery (DR) plan is always important. But when you’re a financial institution in a state known for earthquakes, and where eighteen feet of snow can bury a whole town, a strong DR and business continuity strategy are a necessity.

For Denali Alaskan Federal Credit Union (Denali) to expand its online banking services, enhancing its business continuity plan was a given. However, Denali’s wide area network (WAN) was insufficient for moving large amounts of data between the company’s main site in Anchorage and DR facility in Fairbanks. It was taking over eleven hours to replicate more than fifty gigabytes (GB) of data over the WAN — far too long for Denali’s IT team. Adding a new online banking system with up to ten-times the data of the existing system would be impossible. 

Measuring Results